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Guard workout

Augie Johnston

A solo guard workout with dribbling, finishing and shooting (live dribble and off a catch). Also see Secret Weapon Workouts #1 and #2 (pdfs).
6) Toss-out shooting

(Other workout options - passing, form shooting, free throws, pick and roll work, see Passing - Ganon Baker solo one ball e.g. handle passing, Shooting - Nash block, Billy Donovan solo, Hanlen ballscreens)
Coach Rock
- Perfect shooting workout - Mikans, reverse Mikans, floaters, elbow pull-ups, hesi pull-ups, 5-spot 3s, square-up 3s, crossover pull-ups, stepbacks, free throws.
- Point-guard workout - Dynamic warm-up, form shooting, stationary ballhandling, 5-spot shooting (mid-range, 3s), double-move pull-ups, pick and rolls (go around, split, reject, shoot from behind), iso moves (e.g. hesi pulls).

1) Stationary ballhandling (one ball)

a) 200 chore drill

- right-hand, pound dribble and inside-out, 25 times (50 dribbles)
- repeat with the left hand
- pound, between the legs, 50 dribbles
- pound, behind the back, 50 dribbles
- pound, crossover, 50 dribbles.

b) Hangman drill

Make a double move, then hesitate and stand up (hang dribble, feet shoulder width apart). Go 15 times for each double move, change hands and repeat

- between the legs, back under
- between, crossover
- between, between
- between, behind.
c) Power crossovers - 50 dribbles for each, continuous
- front v-dribble (each hand)
- side v-dribble (each hand)
- crossovers
- between and under (both sides)
- behind the back.
d) Finesse crossovers - continuous
- double-tap crossovers
- between cross
- behind cross
- inside-out cross.


- other stationary dribbling
- fullcourt dribbling (up and back).

See videos Cone dribbling, Lateral movement crossovers, Crafty ballhandling, Ball on a string, Repeat crossovers, 2-ball crushers.

Also see Dribbling series, Dribbling - Hanlen stationary, Mike Procopio ballhandling.up

2) Point-guard finishing

From the top, make 3 of each going right and left (18 total makes).

- Switch-hand runners - attack with the left hand, switch hands (crossover left to right), jab left, keep going, finish with a runner (a floater off one foot).

- Switch-hand crossover floaters - attack, switch hands, jab opposite, crossover (or between the legs - KP), finish with a floater off two feet (jump stop).

- Blow-by Euro-step floaters - attack with the left hand, jab right, keep going, finish with a Euro-step floater (off one foot).

(Progression - dribble-jab cross - left-hand attack, jab right, jab left and crossover)

3) Shot creator

Use 4 cones on each side, dribble into a hesitation-series pull-up. For each dribble series, take one of each shot, repeat on the other side (18 total shots).

Dribble series

- one dribble, between the legs
- one dribble, behind the back
- one dribble, inside-out (outside the cones).
(Option - dribble directly out and around the last cone)

Shot progression

- hesitation - dribbling with the right hand, skip on the left foot then R-L into a pull-up shot (a freeze pull-up with outside-inside stop)
- hesitation crossover (Iverson)
- hesitation inside-out (counter).
(Other hesitation shooting)
- stutter
- between hesi (glide)
- turn dribble hesi.

See Layups - Floaters, Shooting - Courtney Douglass, Dribbling - Dribble and shoot.up

4) Quick first-step pull-ups

Spin a pass from the wing, run into a quick jump stop then immediately into a one-dribble pull-up using 1-2 crossover footwork.

Alternate going left-right, take 10 from each wing and from the top (30 shots).
Variation - permanent (left) pivot foot, a three-step move going right (R-L-R), two-step crossover going left (R-L), or a three-step crossover (R-L-R) to create space.

(Option - hop into a pull-up shot.)


- catch in a split stance (split catch)
- stepbacks, drag pulbacks, stop separation, hesi pulls
- triple threat counters (jab step, shot fake).
Wing-sweeper drill - toss-out to a wing, inside foot front pivot, alternate baseline (crossover) and middle pull-ups, stepbacks (one-dribble or two-dribble), make 10 from each wing and the top.

See Shooting - Angled pull-up, Multi-stop challenge, Nash game shots, Mike Procopio triple threat, 5star jab series, Australian.up

5) Crossover pull-ups

Attack from a wing, make a change-of-direction move into a pull-up jump shot, the progression is

- crossover move - immediately into a shot, no extra dribble needed
- between the legs - then take an extra dribble
- behind the back - extra dribble.

Make the same move dribbling back out for the next shot.

Make one shot going right and left for each move, repeat from the top and other wing.
Other pull-up dribble moves
- inside-out, double inside-out, inside-out cross, between, or behind (wrap)
- double moves - cross cross, between cross, between between, between wrap
- spin move - cross (or between), take another dribble, spin into a shot (most of the time spin moves are used as a counter)
- stepbacks - between cross stepback (towards the baseline), cross stepback (middle).
Rocky Ullah - Iverson crossover into pull-ups then stepbacks (counter).
(Progression - other crossover stepbacks)

See Shooting - Snake pull-ups, Billy Donovan solo, Hubie Brown off the dribble, Billy Donovan workouts, 5star shots off the dribble, Altizer challenge (attack pull-ups).up

6) Toss-out shooting

Spin self passes from under the basket, pivot open to the floor (to the middle, jump stop or 1-2), take 10 shots from each spot, the spots are

- baseline to baseline (corner to corner, one spot)
- wing to wing
- elbow to elbow
- at the top, alternating left-right pivots.

Take mid-range or 3-point shots (40 shots), or both (80 shots).
Beginners can run out, get squared up, then toss the ball (see Quick first-step pull-ups).
- shoot for makes at each spot, 5 for mid-range, 4 for 3-point shots
- catch and go middle, one-dribble pull-up (1-2 and jump stop)
- jab step (always middle), shoot
- jump stop facing away, shoulder fake middle, front pivot and shoot baseline
- or outside-foot reverse pivot (sweep), shoot.
On the move for a shot, instead of a 1-2 use a 3-step push-off, catch with the outside foot on the floor, then 1-2. Running off a screen, start turning as soon as you get off the screen so you are almost squared up on the catch.
Footwork shooting - shoot 10 shots back and forth between two spots (mid-range or 3s, 1-2 or jump stop), baseline-wing, wing-top, elbow-elbow, top-wing, wing-baseline, 50 shots total.
See Shooting - Calipari one-ball, Angled pull-up (stride stop, choice of pivot foot on a 1-2).
Dennis Stanton -  Shooting workout - 5 spots (corner, corner, wing, wing, and top, from both sides), spin passes from under the basket, use a 1-2 stop with inside pivot foot, make two in a row from each spot (or 3 in a row, or make 7 to 10), take 10 free throws between each set,
- mid-range shots (15-foot)
- mid-range pull-ups (jab-crossover baseline, 1-2 footwork)
- shot-fake pull-ups (crossover)
- 3-point shots.
Kevin Bellamy - toss-out baseline shooting, alternate sides, pivot middle, +1 for a make, -2 for a miss, play to +10 or -10.
Taylor Allan - Euro drill - start under the rim, spin passes to yourself, shoot 15-footers from the right corner, right wing, top, left wing, and left corner (with right-shoulder turns), repeat coming back (with left-shoulder turns), go again shooting 3s, then two more sets for 60 shots.
(Footwork variations)
- inside foot front pivot with cheat step
- inside foot reverse pivot
- reverse pivot with jab step
- permanent pivot foot.

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