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Hanlen stationary

Drew Hanlen
Pure Sweat Basketball

Stationary one-ball dribbling drills. Ball in the dominant hand to start (progression - weak hand).

a) Four-dribble combo - inside-out, crossover, between the legs, behind the back, continue.

b) Side-to-side touches into double moves - front v-dribble into any double move (e.g. cross-behind).
Option - in 30 seconds, cross cross, cross between, cross behind, between cross, between between, between behind, behind cross, behind between, behind behind, switch hands and repeat (Tighter handles in 30 seconds).

c) Pound-over-pound into moves - take a pound dribble behind, over, and behind a line on the floor, then make any double move, continue.

d) Push-out combo - for 20 seconds each do pound-over-pound into
- a double cross (cross-cross)
- between-cross
- between-behind.
Each combo is a rep, how many reps in 60 seconds.

e) On a string combo - for 20 seconds each do
- inside-out cross
- between double cross (cross-cross)
- between double behind (behind-behind).

f) Quick combo - for 20 seconds each do
- mini inside-out cross
- mini inside-out between
- mini inside-out behind.

g) Killer 150 - how long to do 25 each
- knee-high pound dribbles
- rapid-fire dribbles (low)
- pound inside-out
- pound double cross
- pound between cross
- pound behind cross.

See Dribbling - Tauer stationary, Better Ball Handling (pdf), Shooting - Guard workout.up

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