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Tauer stationary

John Tauer

Players are in an athletic stance, eyes up, shield up (arm bar), ball on fingertips below the waist. Start with stationary ballhandling then dribbling, make it competitive, players have to complete a given numbers of reps for each move, get them out of their comfort zone.

1) Ballhandling

a) Circle a ball 20 times each around
- the waist
- both knees
- right leg
- left leg
- both legs, figure 8.

Bend the knees not the back, don't bounce up and down.

2) Dribbling

a) 25 times each, pound dribble right hand, left hand, then crossover dribble.

b) 25 times each, one-hand windshield wiper (v-dribble) in front with the right hand then left, on the right side with the right hand (walk the dog), and on the left side with the left hand.

c) 10 times each, dribble around the right leg, left leg, and figure 8 dribble around both legs.
(Options - spread out around the centre circle, with a leader in the middle, also work on crab and pullback dribbling)
George Karl - ladder drill - everyone at the same time, 5 right-hand dribbles, crossover dribble, 4 left-hand dribbles, cross, 3 right-hand dribbles, cross, 2 left-hand dribbles, cross, 1 right-hand dribble.

See Dribbling - Mike Procopio ballhandling.

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