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Mike Procopio ballhandling

Mike Procopio

a) Stationary

Each player on the baseline will dribble 30 times
- right hand then left hand (above the knees)
- one-hand side-to-side dribble in front, right hand then left hand (v-dribble)
- one-hand back-to-front dribble on one side, right then left
- crossover in front.
(Option - start with stationary Maravich ballhandling, then dribbling)

b) Fullcourt

Dribble upcourt and back with the right hand, then repeat with the left hand.
Mads Olesen - Strickland series - players walk upcourt, staying low, pound dribble with the right hand, come back with the left hand, progressions
- pound dribble to one crossover, continue, progress to 2-3-4 continuous crossovers
- pound dribble to between the legs, same progression
- pound dribble to behind the back, same progression (wrap the ball around the back)
- inside-out crossover
- behind back, between legs
- inside-out crossover, between legs, behind back.
Taylor Allan - fullcourt dribbling up and back, change at the other end as needed,
- pound-cross
- continuous cross
- front v-dribble
- side v-dribble
- pound-between
- pound-behind (wrap)
- cross-between (continuous)
- pound-between-behind
- tap-dribble figure 8, forward then backward
- Pistol Pete's - walking, go backwards between the legs 3 times with the left hand to 3 times with the right hand, continue (progression - walk backwards.

Augie Johnston - switch hands as needed,
- repeat (continuous) cross
- repeat between (fast walking)
- front v-dribble
- side v-dribble
- inside-out cross
- repeat between-cross
Other inside-out
- inside-out between
- inside-out wrap (then a pound dribble)
Double moves
- pound-cross-cross
- pound-between-cross
- pound-behind-cross
- pound-between-behind
Ball on a string
- repeat cross-hesitation (shuffle)
- repeat between (front to back with jump stop)
- repeat behind-hesitation (shuffle)
Triple moves
- cross-between-behind
- between-cross-cross
- between-between-behind
- between-between-cross
Behind the back
- inside-out-between-wrap
- between-behind-wrap
- cross-between-behind-wrap.

(Other options)

- alternating-hand speed dribble
- control dribble
- inside-out
- hesitation (stutter, stop on one foot, skip, gallop step)
- change of speed (slow and go)
- stop and go
- pullback, pullback crossover
- two balls.
See Dribbling - Memphis, Lee Rose fullcourt, 55-second, Danny Hurley fullcourt, Fullcourt moves.

(Progressions - Tim Springer - use zig-zag cones on one side, crossover at each cone, and a line of cones on the other side, go through with one-dribble, crossover combos. Also do inside-out moves with a cone line, or weave with one hand.)

See Dribbling - Speed course, Fullcourt zig-zag, Halfcourt moves, Tauer halfcourt, Calipari warm-up (tight cones), UMass, Speed race.

Steve Smith - group dribbling - players are at both ends (e.g. 3 groups of 4), everyone has a ball, the first group dribbles upcourt, when everyone crosses the line the next group dribbles back, continue (see Two-ball relay, Chicken runs).up

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