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Chicken runs


Each player has a ball and a partner. 1 and 2 dribble towards each other with the right hand, then crossover to the left hand and go by each other right shoulder to right shoulder. Repeat coming back.

- hesitation (or stutter)
- inside-out
- crossover
- through the legs
- behind the back
- reverse
- pullback crossover

Option - start with direct drive, crossover step, jab and crossover, etc.
Andy Sparks - have 4 players in each group. Swim as you by. For a pullback crossover, just rock back on the rear foot (same side as the dribble hand) and crossover.

Dave Malowski - can go in slowly but explode out, progressions - inside-out twice, inside-out crossover.

Ian MacKinnon - two pullback dribbles, one-hand pass, catch, pound and crossover.

See Dribbling - Commando.

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