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Nash ballhandling

Steve Nash

To be a great player you need to be able to handle the ball and see the floor. Practice ballhandling every day. When you start making mistakes, that's when you start getting better, practice is a great time to get out of your comfort zone and try to improve.

Maravich drill

a) Stationary

- Ball slaps
- Overhead tap - tap the ball back and forth from hand to hand overhead
- Spin it - hold the ball overhead with both hands, spin it one way, then the other
- Around the head - circle your head, both ways
- Around the waist - both ways
- Around the knees - both ways
- Typewriter - kneeling on the right knee, dribble with each finger of the right hand, switch to kneeling on the left knee and dribble with the fingers of the left hand
- Machine gun - kneeling on both knees, alternate-hand dribbling [tom-tom]
- Around the leg - standing, circle one leg with the ball one way, then the other way, then switch legs
- Figure 8 - between the legs with the ball
- Dribble around leg - dribble around one leg, both ways, then the other leg
- Dribble figure 8 (front-back and back-front)
- Spider - alternate-hand dribbling from in front, behind, continue
- V-dribble - one-hand dribble front to back on the right side (right hand), left side (left hand), then in front with each hand
- Front and back - hold the ball between your legs with both hands in front of you, drop the ball and catch it with both hands behind you, continue front-back catches
- Side to side - hold the ball between your legs with your right hand in front of you and left hand behind you, drop the ball and catch it with the right hand behind you and left hand in front
- Drop clap - hold the ball in front with both hands, drop it, clap twice, catch it before the knees
- Throw clap - throw the ball overhead, clap twice in front, catch behind your back.
Taylor Allan - other options
- ball squeezes
- ball wraps - full body (head, waist, knees, reverse), 2-legs 1-leg, ankle-back (staggered stance)
- seated around the back taps, lying around the head taps. 
See Dribbling - Tauer stationary, Mike Procopio ballhandling, also Maravich drills (a), (b).

b) On the move

Starting on the baseline, go out to the foul line and return backwards.

- Figure 8 - walking
- Dribble figure 8
- 2-ball dribble - alternate hands, then simultaneous.
See Dribbling - Duke two-ball, Nash halfcourt.

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