Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Duke two-ball

Coach K

a) Static

Use a different leader each day, players mimic him. Options

- simultaneous dribbling, start waist high then low dribbles
- alternate dribbling, vary the height
- circle dribble one leg with one ball (while dribbling the other), then circle the other leg with the other ball.
Frank Allocco - players are spaced along the arc, each with two balls (two-ball dribbling is the best way to develop the weak hand),
- simultaneous pound dribbling, shoulder high, then waist high, then ankles
- alternating high dribbles, then waist level, then low
- left hand high, right hand low, then switch
- crossover dribbling in front, high dribble, then waist level, then low
- ins and outs - pull each ball in then out in front, the balls almost touch (opposing front v-dribbles)
- windshield wipers - front v-dribbles in sync
- feet together, side v-dribbles (front to back), high, then low, then alternate the dribbles (one front, one back)
- feet apart, dribble with the left hand, dribble around the right ankle with the right hand, then switch hands
- figure 8 dribbling with both hands
- dribble with one hand, half spider with the other hand (front-back dribble).

Taylor Allan
- pound, pistons, high-low
- pound crossover, continuous crossover
- waterfall (cross-juggle)
- side v-dribble, front v-dribble (ins and outs)
- pound, between and cross
- alternating dribble wraps (front-back butterfly, then back-front windmill)
- one-leg dribble wrap (front-back, then back-front, pound the other ball)
- scissor (continuous between-and-cross shuffle)
- seated in-outs.

See Dribbling - Calipari warm-up.

goxavier.com - for 15-25 seconds, coach at the top of the key tells players to move left, right, back, forward using simultaneous dribbles, repeat with alternate dribbles.
Bill Pangos - players spread out facing coach, each with two balls, coach commands players to dribble forward, backward, left or right (point), and crossover (the balls switch hands).
Ryan Goodson - players follow coach's commands, north-south-east-west, switch from two-ball pound, alternate, high-low.

b) On the move

Start with five dribbles on the spot, then dribble out and back with same-time dribbles. Then

- alternating dribbles out and back
- zig-zag crossover dribbles (the balls switch hands)
- behind the back (the balls switch)
- through the legs (the balls switch).
John Calipari - two-ball dribbling stationary control (low, below knees) and speed (high), rhythm and non-rhythm, high-low (one ball control, one speed), add up the floor (same as above) with a change of hands.
Jaime McLean - dribble one ball low, roll the other ball (sideline to sideline).
Augie Johnston - 2-ball crushers
- pound-cross
- pound-cross-cross
- pound-cross-cross-cross.
See Dribbling - Nash ballhandling, Memphis.

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