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Calipari warm-up

John Calipari

Ballhandling warm-up.

1) Stationary

- pound the ball between both hands
- pound dribble the ball, right hand then left hand (control dribble, closed stance)
- dribble circle the right leg with the right hand, then the left leg with the left hand
- dribble figure-8 around both legs
- continuous front crossover dribble
- right-hand front crossover (v-dribble), then left hand
- side v-dribble, right hand then left (control dribble stance)
- continuous behind the back dribbling, one hand to the other and back (bent knees)
- with two balls, pound dribble at the same time, then alternate dribbling (progressions - a) one high, one low, b) circle in front and behind).

Carry drills (no dribbling)
- circle one leg (how many in 30 seconds), then the other leg
- circle both legs
- circle the waist
- figure-8, through the back or front.

Variation - with an open (parallel) stance, side then front v-dribble with the right hand, front then side v-dribble with the left hand.

Taylor Allan (one ball)
- pound (shoulder-high, knee-high, tap dribble)
- low-tap crossover
- pound-cross
- pound-cross-between
- pound-cross-behind
- pound-cross-between-behind
- pistol whip (ricochet, front-back)
- cross whip (juggle cross - hard crossover, catch, change hands, repeat), leg whip (between), back whip (behind)
- under one leg (continuous)
- scissors (inside-out, outside-in).

Ganon Baker (FIBA Assist 10) - NBA dribble moves - stationary practice first,
- John Stockton stutter jab (hard dribble, continuous jab step opposite foot)
- Tracy McGrady double between the legs (through the legs, back under)
- Kobe Bryant between the legs, behind the back
- Kobe Bryant between the legs, crossover
- Kobe Bryant behind the back, crossover
- Mike Bibby double behind the back
- Lebron James crossover, under.

Augie Johnston - combo killers - take 1-2 dribbles then
- cross-cross (repeat, change hands)
- between and back under (the same leg)
- behind-behind.

See Dribbling - Nash ballhandling, Duke two-ball, Tauer stationary, Kevin O'Neill moves.

2) Between-between-behind

Facing the court, one after another players move along the sideline with a continuous shuffle dribble (between the legs, shuffle, between the legs) and behind the back. Come back from the other end. Keep the ball below the knees.
Mads Olesen - progression - between-between-behind-behind.
See Dribbling - Halfcourt moves (combo changes of direction), Bigelow, Speed course.

3) Cones

Players dribble tight cones using crossover dribbles (with one dribble in between each crossover), dribble around coach at the other end, come back making the same move two more times, and finish with a layup. Stay low, exaggerate the step out at each cone, you have to get around the guy. Go again if you miss or don't do it right. If you're not making mistakes, you don't need to be doing it.


- between the legs
- behind the back
- inside-out with the right hand along the outside of the cones, step between the cones with the left foot, the ball goes from knee to knee
- inside-out with the left hand along the inside of the cones, step between the cones with the right foot.
coachesclipboard.ca - inside-out crossover.
See Dribbling - Tauer halfcourt.up

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