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Halfcourt moves


TJ Jones

a) 4-corner

1 speed dribbles with his left hand towards the cone, makes a change of direction move, dribbles out to the corner, continues until he is back where he started, will then repeat going the other way, right-hand dribbling to the cone.


- make a combo (double) move at each cone (dribble at the cone with the other hand)
- four players go at the same time, starting from each corner.

See Dribbling - Nash circle moves (Don Kelbick circle dribbling).

Tim Springer

a) Ultimate cone change of directions

Make one-dribble to change-of-direction moves through lines of 3 or more cones on each sideline, make change-of-direction moves at zig-zag cones in between.

A cone line can also be used for inside-out moves or a weave with one hand (right or left).
George Karl - a line of 3 cones on each sideline, start in a baseline corner with the outside hand, crossover dribble at each cone up the sideline, speed dribble across halfcourt with the outside hand (no cones), crossover dribble to the baseline, speed dribble with the other hand along the baseline, progression - go between the legs.

See Dribbling - Halfcourt drives, Fullcourt zig-zag.

b) Combo change of directions

- inside-out, crossover, inside-out
- double crossover
- crossover, between the legs
- double between the legs
- between the legs, behind the back
- between the legs, behind the back, crossover (triple move).

See Dribbling - Speed course, Fullcourt moves, Calipari warm-up.

c) Change of direction zig-zag

Make a change-of-direction move at each cone, make a sharp cut after each move and separate from the cone.

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