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Up to 6 players start on the baseline, each player will make four trips upcourt and back in 55 seconds, the progression (shown for player 1) is:

- dribble upcourt with the right hand, back with the left hand
- dribble upcourt making two moves, and back making two moves
- forward pretzel walk upcourt (between the legs figure 8), backward pretzel walk coming back
- get a second ball, dribble upcourt and back with both balls (alternating).
- coach specifies the dribble moves
- pretzel walk to halfcourt and back, or not at all.
Aaron Blakely - pair up, one player goes upcourt and back 4 times, dribble with the right hand, then left hand, then figure-8 walking, then two-ball dribbling, then partner goes, repeat.
Ian MacKinnon - three balls for each pair, partner does Maravich ballhandling drills on the baseline.
See Dribbling - Memphis, Corridor, Gooroo fullcourt.

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