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Gooroo fullcourt

George Karl & Tara VanDerveer
See Gooroo Youth Basketball Drills (Gooroo fullcourt dribbling)

Fullcourt (and crosscourt) dribbling drills.

1) George Karl

3-4 lines of players on the baseline, each player with a ball, in front of lines of 4-6 cones (lines of 3 cones are used in the video, shown).

Each player dribbles upcourt and back (baseline to baseline), then the next player in line goes, progressions

- speed dribble, upcourt with the right hand, back with the left hand
- hesitation dribble, up with the right hand, back with the left (freeze a defender)
- crossover dribble at each cone
- between the legs (go from front to back)
- behind the back from right hand to left hand, up and back, repeat using left to right (wrap the ball)
- mixed moves, don't use the same move two cones in a row.

Explode out of each move.
(Variation - no cones)

The same drill can be done across court and back (4-cone lines are used in the video).

Tara VanDerveer - jump stop at the far sideline, pivot and come back.
(Other options - skipping, figure-8 walking, alternating-hand speed dribble, weave with one hand, inside-out, change of pace, crab dribble, pullbacks, two balls)

2) Tara VanDerveer

Use 5-6 cones on each side (5 are used in the video), finish with a layup, switch lines, progressions

a) outside the cones,

- speed dribble
- hesitation dribble (stutter step at each cone, lift eyes and shoulders, get a defender to stand up then blow by)

(Switch sides to use the left hand)

b) start with the inside hand,

- crossover at each cone (low and tight)
- between the legs (front to back)
- behind the back (wrap the ball around to the other hip, alternate hands).

Accelerate out of each move.
- 3 cones on each side
- zig-zag cones.

See Dribbling - Speed course, Fullcourt zig-zag, Tony Watson series (fullcourt, commando), Coach Rock cones (Transition).up

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