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Three lines on the baseline, each line has a corridor, the first player in each line dribbles upcourt, once they cross the foul-line extended the next player goes. Stay at the other end.


- coach holds up fingers, players call out the number
- coach can hold up a hand to make players stop and start, specify jump or stride stop
- add defence to apply pressure.

Frankston Blues - Line dribbling

- for straight-line dribbling have four lines on the baseline
- make a designated move on a whistle or at designated lines, e.g. foul-line extended, centreline
- moves are change from speed to control (protection) dribble, crossover, fake crossover (inside out), reverse dribble, stutter (hesitation) dribble.

Angie Lee (WBCA) - Fullcourt ballhandling - three lines on the baseline with a coach in front of each line at halfcourt, make a move at the foul line, halfcourt (coach), and far foul line.

See Dribbling - Lee Rose fullcourt.

Steve Wojciechowski

Two lines, one on each side, when everyone gets to the other end, repeat coming back, progressions,

- skipping - skip upcourt while dribbling with the right hand, come back dribbling with the left hand
- stop and go - speed dribble with the right hand, at both foul lines and halfcourt rise up, hold for a second, explode forward, use the left hand coming back
- in and out - same as stop and go but in and out dribble after rising up and slowing down, explode forward
- change of direction - same as before but change direction after rising up (crossover, between the legs, behind the back), explode forward with the other hand (stay in a straight line, don't zig-zag)
- step back - make two strong retreat dribbles at the foul lines and halfcourt, the first dribble creates separation, with the second dribble turn your body from vertical to horizontal
- speed dribble - alternating hands, push ahead, flat-out sprint, maximum 4 dribbles.

See Dribbling - Wojo guard box.

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