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Wojo guard box

Steve Wojciechowski

Cones are 15 feet apart.

a) Slide dribble - facing the basket, take 2-3 right-hand slide dribbles to the right, come back with left-hand slide dribbles, one continuous motion, repeat.

b) Slide and jab dribble - add a dribble jab halfway across (going right, jab step with the left foot; going left, jab right), repeat.

c) Cross slide dribble - two slide dribbles right, aggressive crossover, two slide dribbles left, repeat.
See Defending - Lane slides.

d) Slide and stepback dribble - slide dribble right, explode forward, make two retreat dribbles (the first dribble creates as much separation as possible, with the second dribble turn your body from vertical to horizontal for vision), repeat going the other way.

e) Slide and cross dribble - slide dribble right, crossover, diagonal attack dribble left, two retreat dribbles (one for space, one for vision), crossover, diagonal attack dribble right, two retreat dribbles

f) Power dribble - slide dribble right, crossover, diagonal slow crab dribbles left (low and wide, get defender on your hip), two retreat dribbles, crossover, repeat going the opposite way.

g) Power dribble half spin - make a half spin when you get half way on the power dribbles.

See Dribbling - Corridor, Wojo handles, Chill drill, Shooting - 5 star shuffle.

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