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Tony Watson series

Tony Watson
Pro Training Basketball (YouTube)

Halfcourt and fullcourt dribbling drills, with YouTube links. Many are included in the Pro Training workout series (pdf with links).
Start with stationary one-ball and two-ball ballhandling, see YouTube videos - Daily 5-minute dribbling routine, Daily 4-minute two-ball routine, Steph Curry dribbling routine.
Also see Fundamentals - Dribbling series.

a) Fullcourt ballhandling

For youth players, or a warm-up for advanced players.

Start in the corner, dribble with the inside hand, make a crossover at the elbow, halfcourt sideline, far elbow, finish with a layup. Repeat coming back, continue.


- between the legs
- behind the back
- floater, pull-up.
(Other variations)
- reverse dribble, spin dribble, add inside-out
- make a move at the 3-point line, e.g. hesi, Iverson crossover..

See YouTube video - Fullcourt ballhandling drill.
Thomas Soltau - Zig-zag drill (YouTube) - a zig-zag drill should have no more than 3 directional changes, you need to practice the fast dribble after that, which is the dribble that beats your defender.up

b) Tight handle

Start at halfcourt, ball in outside hand, with 4 staggered cones towards the basket, and 3 more cones at the 3-point line.

Do a move at each cone with one dribble in between, then a game move at the 3-point line that incorporates the same move (it could be a double move) and finish with a layup, floater or pull-up.


- crossover
- between the legs
- behind the back
- whatever you want.

See YouTube video - Quicker and tighter handle like the pros, Dribbling - Pro Training workout.up

c) Lane drill

Perfect to add a move to your game. 4 cones between the charge circle and the 3-point line. Start on the baseline, make a move at the first three cones (with one dribble in between) then dribble to halfcourt.

From halfcourt make the same move at the top of the key, finish with a layup, floater or pull-up.

See YouTube video - Add a move to your game.

Also see Dribbling - Calipari warm-up.up

d) 2-ball lane slides

Start on the baseline (facing the court), pound dribble two balls, sprint up to the elbow, slide to the other elbow, backpedal, slide back to the start.

Slide left, sprint up to the elbow, slide right, backpedal to the start.

Repeat two more times for 3 reps.

Progression - alternating dribbles (pistons).
(Option - start without a ball, sprint or close out to the elbows)

See YouTube video - Great 2-ball drill.
Variation - see Defending - X closeouts.
Also see Dribbling - Ganon Baker four-square, Defending - Lane slides, Conditioning - Baller Boot Camp agility.up

e) Elite 2-ball drill

Start on the baseline, pound both balls twice, let the right-hand ball bounce up, before it bounces twice, do a combo move with the other ball (double then triple move), repeat and continue to halfcourt (at a walking pace).


- double crossover
- between, cross
- between, behind
- cross, cross, between
- between, between, cross
- triple between
- cross, between, behind.

Option - 3 pound dribbles between each combo move.

See YouTube video - Elite 2-ball drill.up

f) Intense 2-ball drill

Start in the corner, speed dribble with two balls (pound dribble) to halfcourt, do one dribble to crossover (both balls) between 5 cones, dribble to the halfcourt sideline, speed dribble to a chair on the wing, place the inside ball on the chair, do a one-dribble pull-up going baseline.

Pick up the other ball from the chair, do a one-dribble pull-up towards the middle.

Repeat starting from the other baseline corner.


- between the legs and crossover
- behind the back and crossover.

(Variation - start with one-ball dribbling)

See YouTube video - Intense 2-ball drill (also Coach Rock - Improve your ballhandling)

Also see Dribbling - Halfcourt moves, Duke two-ball, Matt Doherty, Shooting - Chair drills, Eastman elbow pickups.up

g) Diamond drill

4 cones at the top of the key in the shape of a diamond. Start from halfcourt, attack the top cone with a single or double move, make a single move at the next cone, then a move at the last cone (single-double-triple) that incorporates the move you are working on.


- crossover
- between the legs
- behind the back
- whatever moves you want, finish with a make.
(Variation - inside-out or hesitation move at the last cone, or at the top cone directly to a move at the last cone)

See YouTube video - Diamond drill.

Also see Dribbling - Coach Rock PG series, 4 cones, Altizer moves-counters, Shooting - Altizer 3-step explosion.up

h) Drag pullbacks

Start in triple threat at the top of the key, attack an elbow, do a crossover pullback (drag pullback), retreat dribble back to the top of the key, do a double crossover, attack the other elbow and do the same pullback.

Do a double crossover, attack the first elbow, make the pullback move and shoot.


- between the legs and back under at the top, between the legs drag pullback
- double behind the back, behind the back drag pullback
- pullback, hesitation, (crossover), get to the basket.

See YouTube video - Improve your ballhandling.

Also see Shooting - 5star in the box, Pro Training solo (create space), Dribbling - Altizer moves-counters, Change of pace.up

i) Chris Paul fullcourt

Set up 5 tight cones in the middle of the court plus a chair [or cone] at the top of each key. Start from one end, do one dribble, crossover between each cone, then a move at the chair that incorporates a crossover, finish.

Repeat going back from the other end, go up and back at least 3 times for a total of 6 finishes.


- between the legs
- behind the back.

See YouTube video - Chris Paul fullcourt dribbling drill.up
Augie Johnston - Weave drill (YouTube) - 4 cones in a tight line out top, finish with an elbow pull-up shot, progression - pound-pound-change (direction),  pound-change, continuous change.

j) Countdown drill

5 cones or chairs, do 5 crossovers at the first chair, 4 at the second chair, then 3-2-1 crossovers, finish with a layup.


- use a different move at each chair, e.g., 5 times between the legs, 4 times behind the back
- use 5 different moves at the first chair, 4 different moves at the second chair, etc.
- floaters or pull-ups.

See YouTube video - Countdown drill.up

k) Commando drill

3 cones on each side, make a full-speed inside-out move at each cone, finish at the rim, repeat on the other side.


- stutter-step hesitation
- change hands (switch sides)
- mix up the finishes.

See YouTube video - Commando drill.
- change-of-direction moves
- to start, pound dribble, drop into a split stance, attack.

See Dribbling - Gooroo fullcourt, Coach Rock cones (Transition), Shooting - 5star fullcourt, Billy Donovan workouts, Multi-stop challenge.up

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