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5star fullcourt

Barry Brodzinski

a) Starting from both ends, players dribble wide into an angle at halfcourt, make any move they want after halfcourt to get into their shot, shoot a layup. After a few reps progress to jump shots (bring the ball to the shooting hand).

Change sides, use the left hand.

b) Use two chairs or cones on each side, make a move at each. If you go inside the first chair, go outside the second, and vice versa.

Progression - guards shoot a 3 behind the second chair, the bigs jump stop in the lane to shoot.

See Dribbling - 5star point-guard push, Shooting - Billy Donovan workouts (fullcourt dribble moves), Florida dribble series, Crossover jumpers,
5star shots off the dribble (make a move on the last cone, pull up for a 3-point shot).

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