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5star point-guard push

Scott Adubato


Start under one basket, drive straight to the other basket for a layup in 4-5 dribbles, repeat coming back, continue for 6-8 or 8-10 trips or makes. Push the ball out in front.
TJ Jones - 4-dribble layups - start on the block, speed dribble for a layup with 3-4 dribbles (alternating dribble, or one hand only), repeat coming back.
M. Gajic (FIBA) - fullcourt layups - 10 round trips in 2 minutes. 20 push-ups for each miss, do 2-3 sets.

Basketball WA - fullcourt layups for 1 minute, up with the right hand, back with the left hand, can toss the ball out in front after a rebound but not past halfcourt.

Thomas Soltau - Speed dribbling (YouTube) - speed dribble to halfcourt, turn (go behind the back, throw the ball out in front), turn again at the baseline, finish at the other end, continue.

See Layups - DeMatha speed, Shooting - 5star fullcourt conditioning, Dribbling - Jason Kidd fullcourt.

b) With defenders

To beat pressure in the backcourt, use an inside-out, crossover or behind-the-back move. Don't go through the legs, or spin (can't see up the floor, and doesn't cover as much ground).

Three players, each with a ball. 1 makes a backcourt move at 2, a crossover move at 3, and finishes with a runner off one foot using the glass.

3 and 1 exchange. Coming back, finish with a reverse layup (either hand), cut off a defender to get him on your back.

2 is next, going away.
See Shooting - 5star fullcourt (use cones on each side of the floor).

c) Handling pressure

1 gets an inbounds pass at the outlet area, turns to look up the court, breaks on-ball pressure with a jab or ball fake outside, goes middle, makes an inside-out, crossover, or behind the back move at coach, then finishes with a spin layup on the other side of the rim (cradle the ball with both hands). Use 5-6 dribbles total.

1 wants to get the ball to the middle of the floor, the defender would try to force sideline. For a right-hander, jab or shake (ball rip) right, shake left.

All players go up, repeat coming back.
See Fast break - Outlet and go, Layups - Primary-secondary moves.
John Calipari - spin a pass from the right edge of the center circle, catch low, make a good direct or crossover step and a dribble move, finish at the basket, spin a pass and open to the big part of the floor, catch facing, use the same move to break a press up the middle to halfcourt, repeat using the same move from the left side, then go back to the right side and make the next move. The dribble moves are speed, hesitation (fast-slow-fast, slow with higher dribble, stand up a little), in and out (fake crossover), stutter step (at the 3-point line, shoot if the defender is off you), stutter crossover, between the legs (from back to front slightly), pullback crossover on the wing (using a ballscreen).

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