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Fast break
Outlet and go


1 tosses a ball underhand off the backboard, rebounds, comes down with a 1/2 turn in the air to face outlet 2, and make an outlet pass (overhead or push pass). 2 calls "outlet" for the ball, dribbles to the far foul line, jump stops, and passes to 1, who runs wide (use cones) then cuts to the basket at the top of the circle extended and makes a layup. Optionally, dribbler 2 makes a move at a cone near the centre circle (shown). 3 and 4 do the same starting at the other basket.

Switch lines at the other end.

Marian Washington (WCBA's Offensive Basketball Drills) - 5 and 7 are behind the baseline, the next pair goes on the shot at the other end, coach calls the shot, e.g., one-dribble pull-up, reverse layup.
Bob Hurley - start at both ends, each pair with a ball, go 6-minutes total, repeat the next day on the other side. First sequence, 1 rebounds, outlets, goes wide (outside cones at both ends), 2 dribbles with the inside hand, jump stops, bounce passes to 1 for a layup (mix up the layups, reverse, power, etc., dunk it or use the backboard). Change lines at the other end.

See Dribbling - 5star point-guard push, Layups - Primary-secondary moves.

Variation - Players start at one end, at the outlet spot and on the baseline. Switch roles at the other basket (2 rebounds and outlets to 1).

Option - outlet from the baseline to start play, with no self rebound.

Morgan Wootten

- 2 hits 1 for a shot from the wing (shown)
- 2 shoots from the foul line
- 1 shot fakes, 2 v-cuts away and comes back towards the ball for a return pass and shot from the elbow
- 1 fades to the corner for a pass and shot
- 1 chases 2 to tip the ball from behind, block a shot, or distract the shooter (see Wolf).

Fabian McKenzie

- 2 bounce passes to 1 with the outside hand
- 1 makes a power layup
- 2 hits 1 fading to the corner for a shot
- 2 hits 1 on the wing for a shot
- 1 drives middle for a shot at the elbow or passes to 2 spacing weakside
- 1 drives baseline, jump stops, reverse pivots on the inside foot and passes to 2 filling behind
- 1 passes back to 2 on a give and go
- 2 sets a ballscreen
- 1 shot fakes and passes back to 2, who takes a step away and comes back to meet the ball for a shot
- switch sides of the court for left-hand layups.
Bob Hurley progressions

- 2 chest passes earlier to 1 for a shot fake, one-dribble bank shot
- 1 shot fakes, 2 goes away to other elbow and back for a return pass and shot
- 1 shot fakes, passes earlier to 2 coming back, slides to the corner and spots up, 2 drives and kicks to 1
- 2 goes long, 1 throws a two-hand overhead pass to the far elbow, and has to take it out of the basket.

Dave D'Aveiro - players don't switch roles coming back, 1 again rebounds.

FIBA Coaching Library

Coach shoots, 1 rebounds.

Ball bought up the middle (by 2)

- 2 passes to 1 for a shot, or power layup
- 1 drives middle, passes to 2 drifting weakside
- 1 drives middle, fakes a pass to 2 spacing weakside, makes a layup
- 2 step-back (pull-back) dribbles at the top, 1 picks and rolls for a pass
- 2 pull-back dribbles at the top, shallow cuts 1, passes to 1 for a shot (shown), or 2 follows his pass for a pick and roll.


- 2 speed dribbles for a layup
- 1 scores and makes a baseball pass to 2 from behind the baseline.

Pass ahead (1 break-out dribbles, advance passes to 2)

- 2 flattens out (takes the ball to the baseline), passes to 1 at the top for a shot (shown)
- 2 flattens out, drives the baseline
- 2 flattens out, dribbles back out at 1 who backcuts for a pass and layup.

See 2 (secondary) for other options, also
5star 2 on 0 and Shooting - 5star outlet pass.

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