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Billy Donovan workouts

Billy Donovan

8 shooting workouts for perimeter players.
1(a) Fullcourt dribble moves
1(b) Transition shooting
2) Halfcourt moves
3) Rip-thru pull-ups
4) Two shots
5(a) Spot shooting
5(b) 21 shooting game
5(c) Back and forth
6) Transition shooting
7(a) Pick and roll
7(b) Off-ball screens
8) Spin-out

1) Fullcourt

a) Dribble moves

Make one move 3 times up the side, take a three-point shot, repeat coming back on the other side, take another round trip, make 3 out of 4 shots to move on to the next dribble move.

Progression - start on the other side with the other hand.

See Dribbling - 5star point guard push, Shooting - 5star fullcourt, 5star fullcourt conditioning, Lee Rose fullcourt, Tony Watson series (Commando).

b) Transition shooting

Advance pass to coach, sprint for a return pass and 3-point shot, rebound, repeat coming back on the other side, continue, make 6 out of 10 or start over.

See Fast break - DeMatha transition shooting, Shooting - Kevin O'Neill on the move, Lee Rose pre-game, Kelbick quick shot.

2) Halfcourt dribble moves

Go hard, make a move, go past coach body-to-body to the rim, make the same move coming out on the other side, repeat from there. Experiment with different moves - hesitation, crossover, inside-out, inside-out crossover, make up your own.

Progression - pull-up jump shots, 15-footers or 3's.

 Dribbling - Kevin O'Neill moves,
Layups - Villanova, Primary-secondary moves.up

3) Rip-thru pull-ups

V-cut to the top of the key, catch, rip-thru opposite for a pull-up. Do the same thing on both sides.

Progression - catch, rip-thru opposite, make a change-of-direction dribble move for a pull-up jump shot (crossover, between the legs, behind the back).

See Shooting - Tom Crean fill cuts, 5star on the move, Continuous.

4) Dribble moves and shooting on the move

Make a dribble move from halfcourt, shoot a 3, cut to the top of the key for a pass and another 3, alternate sides.

Challenge yourself, e.g. make 7 out of 10 or it does not count.


- catch at the top, rip-thru opposite for a pull-up
- catch, rip-thru opposite, make a change of direction move for a pull-up.


a) Spot shooting

Shoot from one spot at a time, e.g., for one minute, or make 10, or whatever you want. Set goals and keep track.

Progression - at each spot,

- ball fake, go right for a pull-up jump shot
- ball fake, go left for a pull-up
- ball fake, go right, get to the rim
- ball fake, go left to the rim.

See Shooting - Billy Donovan solo and partner, 5star pairs spot, Triano 7-spot workout.

b) 21 shooting game

3's are worth 3, ball-fake pull-ups are worth 2, layups are worth one, move all around the perimeter, you can't shoot the same shot or from the same spot twice in a row, get to 21 points.
- solo shooting drill, no rebounder or passer
- work in pairs, alternate shots.
Taylor Allan - Allan Houston drill - solo shooting, how many 3s (or 2s) can you make in one minute.

See Shooting - Florida 21, 32, Move, Pro Training solo (fullcourt hotshots).up


Move back and forth from spot 1 to spot 2 for one minute, continue for spots 2 and 3, etc.

See Shooting - Billy Donovan partner (square-up), Duke windshield wiper.

6) Transition shooting

Sprint from 3/4-court for a pass, catch and shoot, alternate sides.


- take a dribble
- ball fake, one dribble right, pull-up
- ball fake, one dribble left, pull-up.

See Shooting - 5star transition, Duke transition, Memphis guards.

7) Screen shooting

a) Pick and roll

Dribble to the level of the screen, go body-to-body for a pull-up jumper. Alternate sides.

Progression - 3-point shots.

See Shooting - Mike Procopio sidescreen, Dave Smart 1 on 0 sidescreens.


Use two chairs at the elbows extended, curl off a chair for a catch and shoot, go to the opposite short corner, curl off the other chair, continue until you make your goal, e.g., 8 out of 10 or 6 in a row.


- 3-point shots
- bump and fade (your defender goes under the screen).

See Shooting - Eastman elbow pickups.

8) Spin out and catch

Spin a pass anywhere on the perimeter (15 feet, behind the arc, the use whole court), use a variety of set-ups - catch and lift, shot fake, jab, catch and rip. Be a quick decision-make, in a game you will shoot off the catch, make a quick move, or pass. Take 25 shots for each set and 10 foul shots after each set, progressions

- catch and shoot
- one dribble with the right hand (shoot)
- two dribbles with the right hand
- one dribble with the left hand
- two dribbles with the left hand
Three-dribble sequence, alternate the starting hand
- one dribble, crossover, one dribble
- dribble, inside-out, dribble
- dribble, between the legs, dribble
- change of pace or step-back move, vary the timing.

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