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One team at each basket (or an individual shooting drill). Use five shooting spots (corner, wing, top, other wing, other corner), score 3 points for a shot behind the arc, 2 points for a 15-foot shot, and 1 point for a layup, need 6 points to move to the next spot, and can drive for a layup only when 1 point is needed to move. The next round is to 8 points, then 10, then 12. Optionally shoot for X minutes, how far can you get.

(Variation - start behind the arc and make a one-dribble pullup for 2 points)
Mike Neighbors - Move - make 10 points from each spot with 3-point and 2-point shots, the 10th point can be a layup. Start with a passing line at the top and shooting line in the corner (always pass through an open spot). Variation - individual drill with two balls, rebounder, and passer.
(Option - go around and back for 100 points)
See Shooting - 32, 50 in pairs, Billy Donovan workouts (21 shooting game).

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