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Shooter and rebounder, one ball. From each of 5 spots, shooter 1 takes a shot worth 3 points, a pull-up for 2 points, and a layup for 1 point, getting a pass from rebounder 2 each time. 1 then shoots two free throws. 2 shoots next.

Option - for 50, take a shot, left and right pull-up, and left and right layup at each spot, then 5 free throws.
John Calipari - pull-ups and layups from the corners and wings are shot fake, one dribble to the middle (use the same pivot foot each time), drive either way from the top.
See Shooting - Move, 50 in pairs, 2-minute, Billy Donovan workouts (21 shooting game), Pro Training solo (2-minute challenge), NBA challenges (37-point thriller).

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