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3 players (shooter, rebounder, passer) with 2 balls. How fast can the shooter make 5 shots from each of 5 spots (a total of 25 makes)? Limit of two minutes.

More 5-Star Basketball Drills

- 3 makes from each spot in 60 seconds, or 90 seconds for 3-point shots
- make 3 in a row to move.
Ryan Goodson
a) Matt McMahon drill - shoot 3s from each spot for 30 seconds, score 1 point for a miss, 2 points for a make, 3 points for a swish (all net).
b) Rick Pitino drill - five-spot shooting for 90 seconds, shoot from the corner until you make a 3, a one-dribble pull-up right and a one-dribble pull-up left, then move to the next spot.

Xavier Basketball - Celtic drill

- start in one corner, make two in a row at each spot to move, go around then back (10 spots in total)
- at the far corner it's two sets of 2 in a row, not four in a row.

Vance Walberg Bird drill - same as the Celtic drill, but if there is time left over, make as many 3's as you can from the top.
See Shooting - Nash 2 in a row, Bigelow 13 spots, Eagle, 32, also 2ball (hot shots), Tony Watson series (splash brothers).up

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