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Bigelow 13 spots

Bob Bigelow

As a rule of thumb, if you can't hit three in a row from a spot, undefended, it's probably not your range. For this drill there are 13 shooting spots, consisting of three concentric semi-circles. You learn to shoot from the basket out, the first three spots are inside the lane on one side of the basket, in front, and on the other side. Spots 4 to 8 are one step further back, and spots 9 to 13 back from that. The goal is to make three in a row from every spot.

Proper shooting technique is dominant foot in front, elbow over the knee, push the ball up and over the front of the rim. When kids get too far away from the basket the ball drops to the side and they have to launch it from their shoulder or even lower. He likes two-hand shooting for kids because it adds another arm of power, not unlike a pass (form a W on the ball with the thumbs and fingers). It's a stronger shot but less accurate. He doesn't teach proper shooting mechanics to Grade 3-4 kids who are using regulation baskets. Ideal basket height is 6 feet for Kindergarten to Grade 2, 8 feet for Grades 3-4, 9 feet for Grade 5, and 10 feet for Grades 6 and up.
See YouTube video - 13-spot shooting.

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