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Tony Watson series

Tony Watson
Pro Training (YouTube)

Advanced shooting drills with a partner rebounder. Some are included in the Pro Training workout series (pdf). Also see Shooting - Pro Training solo, and Dribbling - Tony Watson series.

For form shooting, see YouTube video - 6-minute form shooting:

- accuracy drill (1 minute)- shoot off either side (edge) of the backboard
- arc drill (1 minute) - set up behind the backboard on one side where the baseline and (high-school) lane line meet, shoot up and over the backboard into the basket
- normal (two-hand) form shooting (3 minutes) - in front of the rim, then on each side
- free throws (1 minute).

a) Splash Brothers 2-minute drill

5 spots, in 2 minutes make 2 in a row from each spot, then make 10 from the top of the key.

See YouTube video - Splash brothers 2-minute shooting.
Augie Johnston - how long to make 2 in a row from 5 spots, mid-range or from 3, see YouTube video - 3 shooting drills.
See Shooting - Celtics, Thrive3 footwork (Doubles-singles drill), Eagle.up

b) Ray Allen drill

6 spots. Make 4 shots going elbow to elbow, 4 shots wing to wing and 4 shots corner to corner (always running behind the 3-point line), then 3 foul shots in a row.

See YouTube video - Ray Allen 3-point drill.up

c) 3-straight drill

5 spots, from each spot make three shots in a row - a right-hand pull-up, left-hand pull-up, and a 3-point shot. Go back to the right-hand pull-up on any miss.

See YouTube video - 3-straight drill and game shots.
Skylar Diggins-Smith - 5 spots 3 shots -  5 spots, catch and shoot and one-dribble pull-ups left and right, 15 shots as many times as you want.
Lindsay Whalen - 27 game - 3 spots (wing, top, wing), 9 shots total at each spot, the shots are a 3, pull-up right, pull-up left. Her goal was 21 minimum.
Also see Shooting - Hanlen NBA challenges (5-spot combo), Triano 7-spot workout (option d), 32.up

d) Game shots

Start at halfcourt, run to the wing for a pass, shoot a 3-pointer (or mid-range), get your rebound.

Pass to partner, pop out for a 3-point shot at the same spot, then run back to halfcourt (partner rebounds) and repeat the two-shot sequence until you have made 2 shots in a row, 3 times.

Shoot from any of 5 spots (corners, wings, top) that you shoot from in a game.

See Shooting - 5star on the move.up

e) Sixes

Make 6 mid-range shots going back and forth from corner to wing, then elbow to elbow, then wing to corner on the other side, switch with partner, repeat with 3-point shots.

See YouTube video - 6`s and elevator shooting.
Jake Wright - Ray Allen shooting - 10 makes baseline-wing, elbow-elbow, other baseline-wing, running around a cone each time.

f) Elevator

On each side there are 3 cones - close to the basket, mid-range, and at the 3-point line. The cones can lead out to the wings (shown), the corners, or to the top of the key.

Curl around the first cone for a pass, shoot, rebound, pass to partner, then go around the next cone. Make all 3 shots to be done (switch sides).

Also see YouTube video - 1-man elevator shooting.up

g) Star drill

Sprint from the top of the key to the right corner for a shot, then to the left wing, right wing, left corner and back out top for shots. The goal is make 4 out of 5.

See YouTube video - Star drill and Pro drill.
Kara Lawson - Duke star shooting - touch out of bounds between shots (sideline, halfcourt).
Coach Rock - do star shooting for 2-3-5 minutes.
Lindsay Whelan - Star drill -  touch halfcourt near a sideline between shots, make 3 of 5 15-foot jumpers to move to the other side.

Also see Shooting - Star, Grinnell 4-12.up

h) Pro drill

Sprint to the wing from halfcourt, catch and shoot, touch halfcourt again on a make, run fullcourt on a miss (shown). Make 5 shots from one spot, shoot free throws, move to a next spot.

See Shooting -Triano 7-spot workout (option a), Machine-gun.up

i) 7 out of 10

5 mid-range and 5 three-point spots, take 10 shots at each spot, make at least 7 out of 10 to move to the next spot.

See YouTube video - 7 out of 10 and 25 makes.

Also see Shooting - J.J. Redick, Duke 10-spot.up

j) 25 makes

5 spots, make

- a mid-range shot from each spot (moving clockwise, shown)
- a one-dribble pull-up right from each spot (coming back)
- a one-dribble pull-up left from each spot (clockwise)
- a 3-point shot from each spot (coming back).

Make 5 free throws. The best shooters can finish in under 3 minutes.

Also see Shooting - Hanlen NBA challenges (37-point thriller).up

k) Contested pull-ups

Start from the top of they key, partner is just below the foul line, facing the basket (he can't see you). Take a one-dribble pull-up left or right, partner turns to contest the shot. Switch with partner after 5 shots.

See YouTube videos - Contested pull-ups and transition shooting, also Shooting contested jumpers.up

l) Transition

Use two balls with a passer and rebounder.

5 spots along the 3-point line, run in from the sideline at halfcourt, catch and shoot, touch halfcourt, continue with 4 more shots going away, repeat coming back, keep going until 10 makes (or 5 makes, or 1 or 2 makes from each spot).

See Shooting - Triano 7-spot workout (option a), Run the W, 2-man conditioning.up

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