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Rick Torbett

Two of J.J. Redick's shooting work-outs. See Shooting - Rick Torbett for more on his footwork.

a) Make 5

Make 5 shots from each of 15 spots, start with 15-foot shots on the baseline, move back to the college 3 then NBA 3, repeat at the wing, top, other wing, and other corner. Redick uses this drill the most.
(Variation - make 3 in a row to move, see Shooting - Bigelow 13 spots)
See YouTube videos
a) JJ Redick shooting drill - 5 spots, make 5 shots from each spot, working from in close out to the 3-point line, 25 total makes.
b) Become a JJ Redick shooter - 2 balls with passer and rebounder, take 10 shots from 9 spots in 4 minutes, average 45 makes.

b) On the move

His favourite, the goal is to make 10 before you miss 5, or go again. It's a good footwork and conditioning drill.

a) Starting from the sideline, sprint into the elbow, 1-2 stop (inside pivot), catch and shoot.

b) Sprint to halfcourt and back, catch in a 1-2 (left-right for a right-hander, it's a straight-on shot), shoot.

Rick Torbett - or jump stop.

c) Sprint to the other sideline then into the elbow, catch 1-2 (inside pivot), shoot.

Continue by going back the other way, sprint to halfcourt and in, then the other sideline and in, etc.

(Progression - one-dribble pull-ups)

See Shooting - 5star on the move, Bill Self perimeter, Mike Procopio wing, Kevin O'Neill on the move, Curry on the move.

Ray Lokar - Dunleavy drill - take game shots from game spots at game speed, with constant movement in between shots by touching a sideline or halfcourt.
See Shooting - Memphis sideline, 2-man conditioning, Tauer on the move.

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