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See YouTube video - Train like Steph: Shooting footwork drills.

Drills used by Steph Curry to catch and shoot on the move.

See Shooting - Steph Curry.

1) Pop footwork

Start with a transition 3.

Curry uses a stride stop, catching on his right foot then stepping left-right into the shot.

Then he runs to touch the baseline.
Drew Hanlen - Should you hop or 1-2 - in transition, you can stride into it, hop, one foot down already and step into it (anchor foot), or 1-2.
See Blog post - Shooting Footwork.

Curry pops straight out, catches on his right (outside) foot, reverse pivots into a L-R shot.

Continue the sequence.

See Steph Curry Deep Range Secrets at 1:17 (the same footwork).

The video does not show pop footwork on the right side (turning over his right shoulder), but see corner-cut footwork below (a reverse hop).
Hanlen - Should you hop or 1-2 - moving backwards - 1-2 reverse pivot, one step and hop reverse, reverse side step.

Hanlen - Shooting Footwork - a good shooter sprinting out is not going to want to catch and curl around (1-2) or reverse pivot (weight is now going back), he is probably going to catch on a hop (reverse hop) so he can get a little more forward.

See Shooting - Thrive3 footwork (Pocket cut), also 5star foul-line flash.

2) Curl footwork

Alternate sides.

Curling over his left shoulder, Curry catches L-R.

He uses a hop when curling over his right shoulder.

(However, a YouTube video of Steph Curry's Full Pre-Game Routine shows him using R-L.)
See Shooting - 5star on the move.
Steph Curry How to Move Without the Ball - Curry uses a hop moving to his left (curling over his right shoulder) so he can attack with a left pivot foot, usually uses a 1-2 moving right (left pivot foot).

Hanlen - Should you hop or 1-2 - curling for a shot - quick 1-2, one & hop away for more separation, or quick hop in front.

Hanlen - Wide pin-down series - when Ray Allen was curling over his right shoulder, he would go "one, hop", Hanlen and Brad Beale also do that. Some players prefer a quick 1-2 (right-left).

Reid Ouse - Floppy/Pin-down shooting - on a tight curl catch and shoot, it is easy for a righty turning right to stop R-L in order to square the shooting elbow; turning left, get to a foot replacement, hop (off the inside foot) to get the elbow to the rim much quicker.

Augie Johnston - come off a screen shoulder to shoulder, then as soon as you get off the screen start turning (“turn, turn, turn”) so that by the time you catch you are basically almost squared up, you may need to turn 15 or 30 degrees but not the full 180 degrees.
Tyler Relph - Elite shooting drill - curling off a wide pin to the elbow, catch on the outside foot, propelling you inside-outside into a shot.
Augie Johnston - coming off a screen or on the move for a shot, instead of a 1-2 use a 3-step push-off, catch with the outside foot on the floor, then 1-2, this gives you distance and balance.
DJ Sackmann - Footwork options on a catch - the pass determines the footwork. Typically hop on a catch with the inside foot down, a 1-2 is difficult. On a catch with the outside foot down, push thru into a 1-2, or hop off it if there is no space
Sackmann - Shooting footwork that you must have - footwork off a catch - inside-outside, or a hop off the inside (or outside) foot. Use a hop because of the angle, hop off the inside foot if you can't square up all the way with an outside step.
See Shooting - Drew Hanlen.
- open stance pivot square - jump stop facing the passer, front pivot on the inside foot
- open stance pivot stepback - jump stop facing the passer, reverse pivot on the outside foot
- pivot square - inside-outside 1-2
- pivot hop - off the outside foot in the video.
#1 key to being an elite shooter is footwork - use a 1-2 when moving laterally. A full turn is much harder than a half turn, most people end up shooting jump shots moving to their non-dominant side. Footwork is the same shooting off the dribble. Hop footwork is used the most when moving away from the basket. Hop footwork should be your secondary footwork.
For a righty turning over his left shoulder, using a 1-2 gets L-R footwork, but a hop may be better at squaring up, or easier than a 1-2 on a catch when the inside foot already down. Turning over the right shoulder, it's not as far to square up so a 1-2 can be used, but it's not L-R footwork so a hop may be preferred (and can then get to a left pivot foot).

3) Drift footwork

Curry cuts down to the corner (eyes on the ball), catches L-R then hops slightly to his right to shoot (0-1-hop).

Then he gets his head under the rim.

See Shooting - Tyler Relph challenges (5-spot shooting), also John Townsend (Vince Carter 42).

Cutting to the corner, Curry catches on his left (outside) foot, reverse pivots to a hop and shoots.

Continue the sequence.

The video does not show the other side, a reverse hop will work, or the R-L-R pop footwork.

DJ Sackmann - Sprint Hop Pull - sprint to the corner, catch on the outside foot, hop to land on two (reverse hop). Instead of turning like you're going to curl, the wing is occupied, you know you're getting a corner shot.

See Shooting - Varidel workout.

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