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5star foul-line flash

Tony Bergeron


Flash to the foul line for a pass, rip thru for a one-dribble layup (reverse pivot on the left foot for a right-hander).

Repeat from the other side, forward pivot on the left foot, crossover, one left-hand dribble.
For another approach to using a permanent pivot foot, see Shooting - Mike Procopio wing.

b) spin and shoot

Shot fake, one-dribble crossover step with the right foot, drop step, spin on the left foot, shoot a jump shot.

Flashing from the other side it's a blast step, right-left, drop step, spin on the right foot (there's an extra step).

c) backdoor or shoot

1 flashes, shows his hands, calls "backdoor" and backcuts, 3 pass fakes and bounce passes, 1 finishes on the left (from the right, finish on the right). Pass to the cutter, don't lead him to the basket.

Next player 2 flashes, doesn't say anything, catches and takes a quick jump shot.

Continue alternating backcuts and shots. 1 makes sure to start the next round with a shot.
(Other options)
- all inside-foot forward pivot, see Shooting - Pistons bust-up
- inside-foot forward pivot with cheat step, see Shooting - Bill Self perimeter
- Paul Pierce inside-foot reverse pivot, see Footwork - Jay Wright jab-swing series
- Paul Pierce with jab step, see Post play - Pete Newell post moves, Ganon Baker big fella moves
- outside-foot reverse pivot, see Shooting - Pitt sweep series, Pistons cutting, Layups - Blast cuts.
See Post play - 5star post flash.

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