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Post play
5star post flash

Tony Bergeron


5 flashes to the first marker above the block, sits down, elbows high, catches, takes a baseline turnaround shot. 3 goes to the other line.
Bill Pangos - Flash cut shooting - ball cut from the weakside, catch in the lane, pivot and shoot, e.g., baby hook, jump shot, drop step.
(Progression - catch in the short corner or extended post)
See Post play - Hanlen.

Next player 6 catches and turns middle, allowing a fast pace. Have another group at the far basket.


- jump hook shots (no dribble)
- take the defender high, step over top, cut to the marker
- turn to the middle - try to dunk
- finish any way coach wants.

See Post play - 5star inside shots, Florida off the block, Pitt post series.

(Variation - both lines have balls, after passing 4 comes over the top for a pass from 2, see Post play - Double cuts, Post and perimeter, Shooting - Continuous, Jenkins fill cuts)

b) High post

5 flashes for a pass to his outside hand, reverse pivots to create space (Sikma) from both sides. First time just get into shooting position and pass back to 3, then

- shoot
- shot fake, rip thru away from the pass, finish at the hoop with one dribble (stay in the lane)
- jab, shoot.

See Shooting - Pitt sweep series, Fill cuts (Kevin Bellamy - both lines have balls, one line comes high, the other drifts to the corner).

(Other options)

- inside-foot forward pivot, see Shooting - Pistons bust-up
- inside-foot forward pivot with cheat step, see Shooting - Bill Self perimeter
- Paul Pierce inside-foot reverse pivot, see Footwork - Jay Wright jab-swing series
- Paul Pierce with jab step, see Post play - Pete Newell post moves, Ganon Baker big fella moves
- permanent pivot foot, see Shooting - 5star foul-line flash, and Mike Procopio wing.

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