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Jay Wright jab-swing series

Jay Wright

Jab series (inside-foot pivot) - Elbow drill

A jab step creates space when a defender is bodied up. 2 spins a pass to the left elbow, follows, catches with a jump stop, forward pivots on his inside (left) foot, jab steps with his right foot, then takes a long step with the right foot to attack the basket for a layup (jab and go). Then:
- jab and rip - jab step, rip the ball across tight against the stomach into a crossover step with the right foot, dribble with the left hand for a layup
- jab and shoot (the defender gives you space).

On the other side, 1 will self pass to the right elbow, follow, jump stop, forward pivot on his inside (right) foot, jab and go with his left foot, then jab and rip, and jab and shoot (the jab foot has to be brought back to shoot). This is hard for a right-hander, most can't beat their man using the right foot to pivot.

Teaching players how to stop is important.

Paul Pierce move

To use a screen, an attacker wants to v-cut, come off the screen, and forward pivot on the inside foot (jab series). However, some defences don't let you inside pivot after the catch. The attacker can instead reverse pivot on the inside foot and spin on the other foot to attack baseline (shown).

Rocker step

A shot fake can be done after the jab step in the jab series:

- jab, shot fake, go
- jab, shot fake, rip
- jab, shot fake, shoot.

Do not step back after the jab step.

Swing series (outside-foot pivot)

For a wing-entry pass, there is usually no screen. If denied after v-cutting, attacker 2 will walk into his defender, step over in front with his right foot, throw his inside (right) arm up, pop out with his outside hand as a target, catch, reverse pivot on the outside foot to turn and face, and swing the ball through low and tight towards the baseline. The options are swing and go (a long step with the right foot), swing and crossover (to the middle), or swing and shoot (step back with the right foot into shooting ).

See Shooting - Villanova jab-swing series.
Bill Self - the whole key is inside-foot pivot unless you are doing some sort of L-cut where you are going to catch, sweep, and go, then outside-foot pivot. For a footwork series, self pass,
- inside pivot, shoot (always square up with the right foot forward for a right-hander)
- inside pivot, shot fake, a) swing through beneath the knee, crossover and take it back where you came from, or b) go the same direction
- repeat without a shot fake
- switch sides
- outside pivot - catch, plant and a) go, or b) jab and go middle
- repeat on the other side.

Post players

Post players use the same footwork as perimeter players, forward pivoting on the inside foot (jab series), or reverse pivoting on the outside foot on a pass to the outside hand (swing series).

Self passing can be use by all players to work on the jab and swing series. Options include:

- work around the perimeter
- use 2 or 3 short pivot steps to turn and face the basket, not one 180-degree pivot (Malik Allen drill)
- catch and chin the ball, elbows out, to simulate an offensive rebounding situation
- roll the ball out to the 3-point line, you have to get low to pick it up (see the 1 on 1 Box drill)
- score with a bully move - jump stop and shoot an extended layup or short, high jumper (don't dunk in practice without defenders, use the backboard)
- after one dribble, make a change of direction move to score (the defender takes away the first move).

Another option is to dribble out, jump stop, pivot, etc (see Pivot and score).

See Shooting - 5star workout, 5star box, Post play - Mikans.

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