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5star workout

Mike Moreau

An individual shooting workout for any player. Always putback a miss. For the complete 5star workout, also use 5star dribbling and defensive workouts, and finish with 5star Score 24 shooting, a game-conditioning drill.

a) Moves around the basket

Mikans (keep the inside elbow up)
- make 10
- shoot off two feet (1-2 stop).

Power steps
- step back, toss the ball off the backboard, catch it high, turn in the air to land facing the sideline big and wide (blocking out a defensive rebounder), chin the ball with elbows out, forward pivot, shoot off two feet
- add a shot fake
- on the left side.

- toss the ball off the board, catch it high, go back up and score as fast as possible (before a shot blocker)
- left side.

- toss the ball off the board, jump, tip it in off the glass with the right hand (on the right)
- left side.

b) Post moves

Drop step - spin a pass, jump stop, chin it, look inside, drop step, dribble near the front (baseline) foot, inside elbow up, shoot off two feet using the glass.

Drop and hop - drop step baseline, dribble, hop to a jump stop back to the basket, shoot from the middle using the glass (spin middle). Beyond the high-school level, the hop to a jump stop may not be necessary to avoid a travel call.

Use the backboard when shooting in the lane from inside the first hash mark above the block.

c) Moves off the catch

You should be able to score with one dribble from outside the arc in your league.

Short-long step

Square-up with an inside-foot pivot. From the wing, self toss near the elbow, catch in a jump stop, square up with a short step (pivot on the left foot, short jab with the right foot), take a long step with the right foot and finish with one dribble to the basket.

- add a shot fake (jab, shot fake, go)
- jump stop, jab, crossover (rip the ball under, in front or over, keep all weight on the pivot foot).

The eyes and ball go up on a shot fake, everything else stays low.

As players get better they can use a 1-2 step inside pivot, move out, take jump shots.

Front pivot (back or top foot pivot)

Outside the arc, self toss, jump stop, reverse pivot on the outside foot, rip thru (under), drive for a one-dribble right-hand layup.

Better players can use a 1-2 stop.

- fake the rip (jab step with the right foot), shot fake, rip thru and drive baseline
- jump stop, jab, crossover, finish on the other side of the basket (take big steps, there are only three of them).
See Layups - Blast cuts, Shooting - Pasquali reaction.

d) Shooting footwork

Self toss from the foul line to the block, use a left-right step-in facing the basket, be low, hands ready, shoot off the glass. Then toss from the other block to the middle, make 10 (putbacks count).

Progression - toss from out top to the left elbow, step in right-left, then repeat from the block to the other elbow.

Don't walk or run between spots with the ball, always dribble.

e) Spot shooting

There are 15 shooting spots using three arcs from the basket. The first arc is 12-15 feet from the basket, the second arc is one big step inside the 3-point line (16-18 feet), and the third arc is behind the 3. At each spot, face the basket (there is no square-up), self toss in front, make a 1-2 step-in (L-R or R-L), shoot, putback any miss (always get a make). Dribble between spots.

- shoot from spots 1 and 2 on the baseline, make six (including putbacks)
- shoot from spots 3 and 4, use the backboard
- shoot from spot 5
- repeat moving out to the second then third arc.

Use the backboard when shooting from closer than the first hashmark in the lane, and from closer than midway between the block and the 3-point line (further out, the backboard is optional).

- square-up, shot fake, jab
- use 7 spots around each arc.

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