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5star workout

Mike Moreau

An individual defensive workout for any player. For the complete 5star workout, also use 5star dribbling and shooting workouts, and 5star Score 24 shooting.

a) Line shuffles

Facing a line on the floor with feet wide, shuffle your feet back and forth across the line for 30-50 hits (or X seconds).

See Defending - Line jumps, Conditioning - Line drills for quick feet (pdf).

b) Figure-8

Facing halfcourt, use defensive slides around two chairs (or cones), go 2-4 times (or 15-30 seconds).

Dave Malowski - figure-8 agility around two cones about 1 metre apart, progressions
- change direction on a whistle
- while passing back and forth with coach, then weak-hand passing
- coach lobs a pass from behind, react to catch it with a jump stop, then shoot, take a layup, pivot and pass, etc.
- Icky shuffle over the cones, then with passing to coach.

Canada Basketball - pair up with two cones,
- do three figure-8s (short, choppy steps) while partner counts, then move the cones further apart (slide between)
- Icky shuffle (in-in-out)
- X-country skier (Ali shuffle, moving sideways)
- partner randomly passes a ball
- load in multiple passers
- partner drops a ball, catch before the second bounce
- partner rolls a ball, dive to get it
- partner passes, bounces or rolls a ball
- partner stands behind, tosses a ball overhead, explode to locate the ball
- partner stands behind, calls your name, turn and find the ball
- multiple passers behind, turn to find the ball
- figure-8 footwork pattern while dribbling
- partner randomly shows his hands for a pass, cut for a return pass, dribble for a layup.

Augie Johnston - figure-8 shooting (YouTube), facing the basket, partner passes.

See Defending - Duke agility (barbell), Ball drop, 2-ball dance, Pasquali closeouts (option a).

Joey Kwasniewski

Quick figure-8 footwork around two tight cones (option - until coach says "go"), then sprint a slalom course upcourt, jog back.
See Conditioning - Human 2.0 agility.up

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