Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Line jumps

a) Facing the line

Double-leg forward and back jumps across the line for 10-15 seconds (or 10 jumps on each side). Repeat with single-leg jumps (do right and left).

Derek Kellogg
- single-leg line jump - facing the line, 30 seconds back and forth with the right foot, really push the last 10 seconds, take a short break, then 30 seconds with the left foot
- double-leg line jump - 30 seconds, both feet at the same time
- foot square and box jump - 30-second right-foot box square (jump clockwise, make a big box, SE, SW, NW, NE, continue), 30-second break, 30-second left-foot box square (counter-clockwise, SE, NE, NW, SW), break, 30-second box (squat) jumps (squat, explode, reach and extend, turn right about 90 degrees in the air, land, squat, jump, turn left in the air, continue).

Adam Filippi
- facing the line, step across R-L then back R-L, change the lead foot next set
- two-foot hop forward and back across the line
- progressions - one-foot hops, use a box or step instead of a line

- cross - two-foot hop N-S-E-W
- box - two-foot hop right, back, left and forward
- nine box - two-foot hop N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW, return each time to the middle, change direction
- progression - single leg.
Damin Altizer - pound dribble 3 times with the right hand while two-foot front-back line jumping (feet apart), go between the legs to the left hand, continue for 3 sets 30-45-60 seconds.
See Defending - 5star work-out (shuffle across the line).

b) Facing up the line

Double-leg side-to-side jumps across the line, repeat with single-leg jumps, also X footwork (scissors).
Derek Kellogg - two feet side to side for 30 seconds.
Progression - jump forward diagonally back and forth across the line (45 degrees each time).

Variation - speed skating footwork

See Passing - Ganon Baker partner warm-up, Defending - Duke speed skating.
Lateral scissors (X hops) - cross feet in an X pattern across the line (alternate the front foot each time, or each set).
- side to side - 1-2 step laterally across the line, the inside foot always leads
- rotation - two-foot hop across, twisting 90 degrees (heels to the line), then back to the starting point, continue, go right and left
- progressions - one-foot hops, use a box or step.
See Conditioning - Line drills for quick feet.

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