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Post play
Pete Newell post moves

Pete Newell

Jump stop on the catch, your pivot foot is the side the defender is on (defender-you-ball). Shooters need space, get it with their feet. Post moves:

- power move baseline (drop step, one right-hand dribble, jump off baseline foot into a jump stop)
- Kiki move (drop step, one dribble, step back, shoot)
- Kiki move, drive baseline (transfer weight left to right foot, push off)
- sky hook (drop step, no dribble, no backboard)
- jump hook middle
- up and under counter
- reverse pivot to the basket counter
- Kiki move middle
- spin move baseline (long first step with the right foot, right-hand dribble)
- Sikma - reverse pivot on the right foot, jab with the other foot on the pivot, step back, shoot
- Sikma and sweep middle.

Be physical, use a coach or player to make contact. First go through footwork without a ball.

Seal a top-side defender by stepping over with the top foot (right foot over right foot), the passer takes a dribble, keep the seal and break when the passer picks up the ball, not earlier or the defender will slide over the top into the passing lane.

Flash from low weakside to the foul line (shorten the pass) - reverse pivot on the inside (left) foot, but don't open up right away, screen for yourself, the right foot jabs at the basket to drive the defender back, then step back and shoot.


- shot fake and drive the basket
- shot fake, Kiki move.

Use the same move if flashing for a pass when the ballside wing is overplayed and backcuts on the pass. Here 5 would reverse pivot on his right foot, jab long with the left.

A pivot on the outside foot takes you further away from the basket, lowering the shooting percentage. A forward pivot on the inside foot can expose the ball, use an inside-foot reverse pivot if overplayed. A reverse pivot on the inside pivot foot also allows you to screen with your back for a hand-off on the perimeter.

Starting the offence with 4 players below the foul line kills spacing, use a two-guard front to begin, get defenders away from the basket. Against pressure defence (overplays), the offence needs to be north-south not just east-west. Use scissor movements, triangles, open sides and blind pigs. Here 2 and 5 start low, both break at the same time when the point guard picks up his dribble, 2 backcuts on the pass to 5.

Newell prefers the wings to start from the blocks, then to get open:

- get your inside foot across the defender, cut to the wing
- show your hands in a surrender position, swim inside the defender, cut to the wing
- cut to the wing, go back in, step into your defender's crotch with the inside foot, reverse pivot to seal, cut out (Jack Ramsay)
- if the defender is facing you, show your hands (faking a lob pass reception), then cut out.

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