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Herb Livsey

Pass to coach, come off a screen, inside pivot, shoot.

Catch the ball with your feet. Inside pivot if you know you have a shot, catch with the pivot foot already square to the basket. Permanent pivot foot if you are attacking one on one.

Shooter options - pop to the wing, elbow curl, tight curl, bump and fade to the corner, backcut (reject the screen).

2 goes next, optionally to the other side.
Mike Neighbors - windshield wiper shooting - start under the basket, cut to a wing for a pass and shot, rebound, pass to coach and cut to the other wing, continue for 8 shots.
Adam Filippi - shooting off screens, 4 x 4 series - one shooter, start under the basket, cut off a screen (chair, teammate or coach), catch and shoot, come back into the paint, repeat on the other side, make 4 shots, progressions are
- pop out to the wing (defender gets pinned)
- curl to the elbow
- tight curl to the middle of the paint (vary with runners, or add a step-back)
- fade to the corner.

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