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Pro Training solo

Will Regan & Tony Watson
Pro Training (YouTube)

Competitive and skill-development solo shooting drills.
a) Fullcourt hotshots
b) 2-minute challenge
c) 6-shot series
d) Mid-range jumpers
e) Create space

See Shooting - Tony Watson series.

a) Fullcourt hotshots

Dribble fullcourt, make a dribble move every time you cross halfcourt, dribble into a 3-point shot (worth 3 points), a mid-range shot (for 2 points), or a layup for 1 point.

If you miss and get the rebound before it hits the floor, you can make a putback for 1 point.

Go the other way, play to 21 (you can compete against other players).

See YouTube video - 1-person shooting.

Also see Shooting - 31, Choice is yours, Billy Donovan workouts (fullcourt dribble moves, 21 shooting game).up

b) 2-minute challenge

5 spots, make 3 shots from each spot in 2 minutes - a layup, pull-up, and 3-point shot. Get your rebound, toss it out to the 3-point line, on any miss, re-do it.

See YouTube video - 2-minute shooting challenge.

Also see Shooting - 32, Tyler Relph challenges (42-point drill)

c) 6-shot series

5 spots, use toss-outs, from each spot make a

- right-hand layup
- left-hand layup
- pull-up going right
- pull-up going left
- triple-threat 3-point shot.

Make a free throw after each spot.

Watson catches with his back to the basket and uses a reverse-pivot, with a sweep move on layups and pull-ups (not a crossover step), i.e. situational pivot foot.

Will Regan - reverse pivot on your permanent pivot foot,
- sweep and go layup
- sweep and cross layup (can jab and cross)
- sweep and go pull-up
- sweep and cross pull-up
- reverse pivot jump shot.

See YouTube videos - 6-shot series, Ultimate shooting workout.

Also see Shooting - Tony Watson series (25 makes),
32, Procopio wing, Guard workout (toss-out shooting).up

d) Mid-range jumpers

Put a ball on a chair at each elbow. Run across, pick up a ball, take a one-dribble pull-up outside the chair, rebound then put the ball back on the chair.

Repeat with the other ball, continue.

Progressions - two-dribble pull-ups, stepbacks, floaters.
(Variation - pick up the ball and shoot)

Progression - go inside each chair.

See YouTube video - Deadly mid-range jumper.

Also see Shooting - Eastman elbow pickups, Iowa movement without the ball, Altizer 7-minute challenge (chair curls), Layups - Eastman intensity.up

e) Create space

5 spots, right-handers start from the left corner (use a toss-out), drive middle with their right hand, do a pullback jump shot (a drag stepback), have to make that to move to the next spot.

The pullback can be a crossover, (reverse) between the legs, or behind the back.

After 5 makes, start over, toss the ball out, pullback, hesitation, drive to the basket and finish (or crossover and drive).

Make a total of 10 shots.

See YouTube video - Create space drill.

Also see Dribbling - Stepbacks, Tony Watson series (drag pullbacks).up

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