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a) Seven-spot

One shooter, with a rebounder and a passer, two balls. The shooting spots are corner, wing, elbow, top, and elbow, wing, corner on the other side. Shoot for one minute at each spot then change shooters, should be 23-26 shots. Show hands, use a 1-2 step, if you are square to the basket it gets your momentum going to the basket, making it a shorter shot. Chart all makes and takes to rank shooters.

Variation - 15 takes, make 10 (match up comparable shooters).
Winning Hoops - two balls, two rebounders, each shooter must make five in a row before moving to the next spot, go through the circuit twice.

Taylor Allan - Allan Houston drill - solo shooting (no rebounder or passer), how many 3s (or 2s) can you make in one minute.

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b) Shoot and move

The shooter moves from the corner up to the first marker above the block (2-3 steps), then back, continue for one minute. Coming up, use an inside pivot off the right foot; going to the corner, sprint or banana, step in left-right (for a right-hander).

The other spots are first marker to elbow, elbow to the top. Don't go corner to elbow, it wastes too much time.
Jay Triano - Larry Bird drill shooter, passer, rebounder, two balls, shoot baseline to elbow to baseline, inside pivot foot, 30 seconds.

Lawrence Frank - 55-second shooting - 1 comes up hard to the wing for a catch and shoot jumper, planting on his inside pivot foot (a 1-2 step), then fades hard to the corner for a second shot, go for 55 seconds, allow 5 seconds to rotate shooter to rebounder, rebounder to passer, passer to shooter.

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