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Dave Smart

A shooter and rebounder/passer, each with a ball. The shooter takes 10 three-point shots from each of 5 spots, then switches. Loser runs, no ties allowed.
(Variation - one ball)
John Tauer - to work on 3-point shots, take 5 shots at each of 5 spots, go around the world.

Mike Procopio - usually make 10 at each spot, for 50 makes, or shoot 5 (or 10) at each spot.
Kevin Eastman - make 10 from one spot, how many shots does it take? Get 13 in your head.

Ian MacKinnon - partners - 20 15-footers using two balls, then 20 3-point shots, can use only one ball.

Aaron Blakely - 25 shots each from two spots, one player chooses the first spot, the other player picks the second spot.
basketball-plays-and-tips.com - partner spot shooting - the shooter takes 5 shots from 5 spots then goes back around for 50 shots, switch with the rebounder.
Mads Olesen - 50 threes - the shooter takes 50 3's from one spot, or 10 from 5 spots. Record weekly progress, for good teams players must reach 40 makes or run. Use groups of three players with two balls (one shooter, two feeders), there can be 2-3 groups per basket.
Krause, Meyer & Meyer - shoot five three-point shots from five spots, each fifth shot is worth two points, a perfect score is 30. Another option - shoot from a spot until you miss two in a row.

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