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Hanlen NBA challenges

Drew Hanlen
Pure Sweat Basketball
a) 37-point thriller
See YouTube videos 37-point thriller, 5-spot combo, Championship shooting.

Use two balls, a passer and rebounder.

a) 37-point thriller

5 spots,

- take a catch-and-shoot 3 from each spot, going counter-clockwise (each make is worth 3 points)

- coming back (clockwise), take a one-dribble pull-up left from each spot (2 points for each make)
- return counter-clockwise with five one-dribble pull-ups right, one from each spot (not shown)
- finish with two free throws (1 point each).

Maximum score is 37.

See Shooting - 32, Warrior.

b) In a rows

5 spots, 3-point shots, how long to make

- 3 in a row from each spot
- 5 in a row coming back, one from each spot.

See Shooting - 3 in a row, 2-minute.

c) 5-spot combo

Make five in a row from each spot, the sequence is

- two 3-point shots
- one pull-up right
- one pull-up left
- another 3-point shot.

(Variation - not in a row)

See Shooting - Eagle.

d) Championship shooting

2 minutes. To start, move back and forth on the right wing, taking 15-foot shots.

Go for 30 seconds, then repeat moving back and forth

- elbow to elbow
- on the left wing.

For the last 30 seconds, catch at the top of the key, alternate one-dribble pull-ups left and right.

Count total makes.

Lindsay Whalen - 11 Game Drill - shoot 15-footers baseline to elbow and back, a make is +1, a miss is -1, get to 11, make 2 free throws, repeat elbow to elbow, then other side. Can do this with 3s.


- 1-minute segments
- add 5-spot catch and shoot
- add transition catch and shoot, both slots.

George Gervin Jr. - Two-dribble pullups - two-dribble pull-ups elbow-elbow and elbow-baseline (both sides).

Hanlen 18-minute challenge - 2 balls (rebounder, passer), 9 spots (corner, low wing, wing, high wing, top), shoot in 1-minute segments,
- corner catch and shoot
- corner drifts (from wing)
- low wing catch and shoot
- lifts, corner to wing
- wing catch and shoot (transition step-ins)
- high wing catch and shoot
- shifts, top of key to slot
- top of key catch and shoot
- alternate left-right pull-ups from the top
- keep going, finish in the corner.
Tony Watson - 4 Shooting Drills
- form shooting
- one-dribble pull-ups, alternate sides
- catch and shoot 3s
- back and forth 3s.

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