Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills



Two lines at opposite ends of the court (e.g. out top, on a wing, in a corner), two balls for each line.

At one end, 1 shoots, rebounds, dribbles outside the 3-point line, passes to 6, touches a pylon on the far baseline, goes to the back of the other line. 2 goes after 1, then 6.

3-4-5 do the same at the other end.

Go for 2 minutes.

Progressions, e.g.

- one-dribble pullup right or left
- pump fake, one dribble pullup
- rip thru, one dribble layup
- jab step, rip thru, one dribble layup.


- go directly to the back of the line on a make
- two teams, one at each end, go to the back of your team's line.

See Shooting - Teams, 80 hoops, Triano workout, 4-corner.

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