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Up to four teams of three or more players, two balls per team. Shoot, rebound, pass and go to the end of your line. First team to 11 makes, then rotate.

See Shooting - Bulldog.


- location and distance, e.g., corner, wing, elbow, behind the arc
- bank shots from the wings
- add triple-threat counters - jab step, upfake, jab-upfake
- one-dribble pull-ups left, right
- dribble and shoot from halfcourt, or pull-ups from the wing, see Hubie Brown off the dribble, Halfcourt X
- shoot outside the arc for 3 points or a one-dribble pull-up for 2 points (regular scoring), play to 21 or 31, see 50 in pairs
- take a 3-pointer, a 15-footer for 2 points, or a layup for 1 point, see Move, 32
- individual scores, shoot for makes or time
- touch halfcourt after rebounding a miss, see Grinnell 11
- touch halfcourt (or the far baseline) after rebounding a miss or make, see Triano 7-spot workout, Machine-gun.

coaching.fibaeurope.com - make 12 layups, close-range shots, medium-range shots, shot-fake one-dribble pull-ups, then 3-pointers (see 15-10-5-1).
coachesclipboard.ca - 4 teams, two balls per team, shoot for 30 seconds then each team rotates clockwise, go for 2 minutes. 

Mike Geary (WBCA) - shoot 3's for 1-2-3 minutes then rotate to the next spot, variation - 4 players in each group with 3 balls.

John Belein - Popeye shooting - teams of 3 players with 2 balls, first team to 21, but each player has to make 7 (then rebound for teammates).

Mads Olesen - 6-position 3-point shooting - teams of 2-3 players shoot from 6 spots (3 spots at each basket, one minute from each spot), make 30 or run.

Bill Pangos - 7-up - when one team makes 7 baskets they yell it out, all teams rotate to a new basket (or spot), the winners can start shooting immediately, the other teams must do 7 sit-ups or crunches first. Optionally require weakhand passes to the next shooter.

See Shooting - Vance Walberg 5-spot, and Nash game shots, Nash 20-minute workout for other shot options, e.g., step backs.up

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