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Nash game shots

Steve Nash

1) Shots off a pass

a) Ready, up, shot
Spin a self pass, step in with game-time speed (left-right for a right-hander), feet shoulder width apart, body square to the basket, up with proper mechanics, elbow facing the rim, shoot, release with perfect follow through, put your hand in the rim. Get low, feet ready, good balance.

b) Step off (shown)

Jab step really hard to sell the defender that you are going to beat him to the basket, pull back, shoot.

c) Shot fake circle

Shot fake, circle the ball through, drive by shoulder to shoulder for a layup.

Coach is a dummy defender.

Jr. NBA - shot fake, one-dribble pull-ups.

See Layups - One dribble from the arc, Shooting - Mike Procopio triple threat, Tauer triple threat, 5star in the box, Jr. NBA - Shooting (Fundamentals).

2) Shots off the dribble

a) Stutter step (shown)

A great move especially in transition when your man is backpedalling and you want to get him off balance (back on his heels), create a little space for your shot.
Ganon Baker - stutter J - fake a drive (jab with the dribble foot), the other foot comes forward, shoot.

b) Stutter step blast

The next time when you stutter step he leans forward to take away a shot, blow right by him to the basket [or for a pull-up].
John Calipari - stutter step at the 3-point line (squeaky feet with a wide stance), shoot if the defender is off you, if not go to the basket.up

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