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Scott Adubato

Creating space and shots. 2 passes to coach from halfcourt and follows, coach flips the ball back to 2, who catches at the arc in triple threat and attacks coach with a limit of two dribbles and three seconds. Use the triple threat counters - shot fake, jab step, handshake (ball rip), e.g.,
- shot fake, the defender stays down, jab step, he goes for it, crossover into a pull-up (go tight by the defender)
- jab, he doesn't go for it, shot fake, he goes for it, go by.
Option - coach can pass earlier to attack off the dribble.

Triple-threat moves

1) step back - crossover step (one dribble, dip the inside shoulder), step back on the pivot foot, shoot
2) pullback cross - crossover step, step back, pullback, crossover dribble (counter)
3) pullback spin (Kobe Bryant) - crossover step, spin on the pivot foot (it does not move), shoot
4) cross spin - crossover, step back, pullback, crossover dribble, spin (or spin dribble), shoot.

Stan Van Gundy (NBA Coaches Playbook) - for a step-back going right, dribble once with the right hand, take one step with the left foot, putting full body weight on it, push back with a small hop to land on the right foot then left foot. You can also perform this move simply by stepping back with the left foot without moving the right foot, using it as the pivot foot.

Al Sokaitis - step-back - step forward into a defender with the foot opposite the dribble hand, step back with the other foot, hop back to two feet (squared up), go, or crossover and go.

Steve Nash - one-legged fade-away - plant the back foot (the same side as the ball), come back and shoot off it.

Drag-foot step-backs
a) Ganon Baker - using a drag foot (the left foot going right) allows you to pull back to the space where you started,
- Dwyane Wade step-back - step back with the dribble foot, crossover dribble, shoot
- Dirk Nowitski step-back - crossover dribble, step forward with the dribble foot, dribble under the leg, step back, shoot (counter - go, or crossover and go)
- John Lucas - a pullback with drag foot can be done without a pullback dribble (like a jab step, pull it back, shoot)
b) Korey Harris - drag step - step forward with the dribble foot, drag back into space (crossover dribble), if you don't have room, drag back under the outside leg.

Taylor Allan - pullback dribble behind the back, or between the legs.

Ganon Baker - Dwyane Wade 3-step finishes - from triple threat, attack right with one dribble a) R-L-R pull-up jump shot, b) R-L, pro hop, land on two feet, c) R-L, step out, separate for a shot.

Damin Altizer - Austin Rivers/Tyreke Evans step-back - go between the legs (inside to outside), push off, pop back to land on two.

Augie Johnston
- step-backs - step sideways not backwards, create a new lane to the basket (go or crossover, keep the dribble alive)
- rocker step - jab step, shot fake, blow by (crossover). A jab step is about 45 degrees, you need to use the ball, imagine it's an axe handle, you're chopping down a tree. A shot fake is ball to forehead, drop your butt. Don't jab and shot fake at the same time.

Augie Johnston
- (drag) pullbacks or snatch backs - pullback crossover, or under the outside leg, or behind the back, push off the front foot and jump off the back foot to create even more space for a shot
- counter - Steph Curry pullback hesi cross - drag pullback crossover, hesitate, (throw) crossover.

See Dribbling - Fullcourt moves, Shooting - Nash game shots, Dave Smart finishing.up

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