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One dribble

Each player tries to score starting from outside the 3-point line with only one dribble. From triple threat, make a long, strong and low blast step with the right foot, dribble and step with the left foot, then step right and left after the dribble into the layup. Progression - crossover step start (three steps).

Dave Smart - use a jab step or sweep, keep backing up to start as far from the basket as possible and make a one-dribble layup.
Mads Olesen - go left and right, sell opposite first (jab, sweep, upfake).
- spin a pass
- coach is a dummy defender.
- two-dribble power layups
- score from halfcourt with only 2 dribbles.
Ganon Baker - for kids, one dribble from the foul line, two dribbles from the NBA 3, 3-4 dribbles from halfcourt.
More Five-Star Basketball Drills - fullcourt layup - 3 dribbles starting from the top of the key at the far basket, repeat coming back.
Lee Zimmerman - 5-spot layups (around the world), reverse layups from the corners. Progression - one-dribble pull-ups from the wings, going left-right.
Ian MacKinnon - work in pairs, one player takes a one-dribble layup, rebounds and passes to partner behind the arc, relocates to get the next pass.
Augie Johnston - dribble-limit layups - from triple threat on the wing, 1-dribble layups (baseline) and 2-dribble reverse layups. 


Starting under the basket, dribble with the right hand out to the right wing, touch the arc with the right foot, change direction and make a one-dribble right-hand lay-up, get the ball out of the basket, then dribble out to the left wing with the left hand, touch the arc with the left foot, and make a one-dribble left-hand layup. Go for 20-30 seconds, make 4-7 layups. Have two players go at each basket but stagger their start.
Basketball WA - McHugh layups - 60 seconds, continuous one-dribble layups from the left wing, top, and right wing, use regular, reverse and running layups (or runners).
See Layups - Speed, Intensity.

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