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Tauer triple-threat

John Tauer

Start with a couple of balls under the basket. 2 chest passes to 1 at the foul line, who catches in triple threat with butt down, hands ready (don't pass if 1 is not down in triple-threat stance). 1 has four options - shoot, catch and go (right or left), shot fake (get the defender off balance), or jab step (with either foot, if he has the choice). If players can perfect all the moves, they will be able to score on anyone.

3 will pass to 4 next.
(Variation - coach is a dummy defender, players start in triple threat, or spin a self pass, or coach tosses a ball, see Shooting - Nash game shots, 5star in the box)

Layup series

a) Jab right (with the right foot), crossover step, one-dribble left-hand layup.

Jab hard at the basket to make the defender move, if he doesn't move, just go on that side, if he goes for the fake, go back the other way. With more than one dribble, the defender can catch up and contest or block a shot.

Option - have a coach in the lane swipe at the ball if the attacker dribbles with his right hand, uses more than one dribble, or shoots with his right hand.

b) Jab left, crossover step, one-dribble right-hand layup.

c) Shot fake, one-dribble left-hand layup.

A shot fake should mimic an actual shot, be deliberate, stay low, the goal is to create a half-step advantage.

d) Combo move - jab right, shot fake, one dribble left.

Two distinct fakes - jab step hard, pull it back, shot fake (don't rush it).

e) Jab left, shot fake, one dribble right.

Change of direction, start at the top of the key. In a game, make a change of direction move if the defender catches up (spin, crossover, between the legs, behind the back), get to the other side of the rim, use the backboard. You can shoot a jump shot or layup, and use another shot fake.

a) Jab right, one dribble left, change of direction right (your choice), right-hand layup (3 dribbles total).

b) Jab left, one dribble right, change of direction, left-hand layup.

Shot series

a) Jab right, one-dribble left, pull-up jump shot.

The footwork going left is right foot, left foot. The first dribble needs to get you as far as possible from the defender, get separation, get both feet into the paint. Stay low, bend your knees. Don't use a bunny hop, that telegraphs that you are done your move, and gives your defender a split second to catch up. You can take two dribbles, but get somewhere. Go straight up into the shot, don't fade left.

- jab left, pull-up left
- jab right, shot fake, one-dribble pull-up left.

b) Jab right, one dribble right, change direction, pull-up shot (2-3 dribbles total).

c) Jab right, one dribble left, hop off the right foot to a jump stop (bully move), shot fake, layup.

d) Jab right, one dribble left, shot fake (stay low), shot.

Don't let players get away with bad habits. Correct in a positive way, with reps. Pull a player aside with a coach to focus on footwork, with no basket, shoot in the air.
SNYB - dribble jump shot - a line of players with balls pass from under the basket to shooters out top, who take a one-dribble pull-up left or right, progressions
- the passer closes out and becomes a guided defender
- add a jab step or ball fake before dribbling.

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