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Mike Procopio triple threat

Mike Procopio

An on-ball defender will follow the ball and the moving (jab or free) foot. The biggest problem they see is kids getting the ball stripped, you have to protect the ball. If the ball is on your left hip, the defender can't get to it when you jab step with your right foot. They teach permanent pivot foot on the wing (on a catch facing the basket or cutting out), so they want right-handers to catch left-right, ball on left hip, then see what the defender is doing, don't jab right away (a jab step should not be short or long). For creating space when cutting to the wing, see Shooting -  Mike Procopio wing.

1) From the top

Players start outside the top of the key, spin a pass, catch left-right with ball on left hip (for a right-hander), then

a) shot fake, one-dribble pull-up right, the pull-up footwork is R-L-R, the first step is long (shown)

b) shot fake, one-dribble pull-up left, the footwork is R-L
Get the shot off as quickly as you can, if you do your job on the fake all you have to do is step by your defender and get the shot off. R-L-R will probably be called a travel, or give your defender extra time to get his hands up into your shot.
c) jab step, bring it back (step back), jump shot (keep the ball on your hip until the shot)

d) jab step, step back, shot fake, one-dribble pull-up right (R-L-R)

e) jab step, step back, jab step, crossover, one-dribble pull-up left (R-L)

f) jab step, step back, jab step, crossover, one-dribble step back in a V, shoot.

The group makes 7 before going to the next shot.

See Shooting - 5star in the box, 5star jab series (alternate left-right shots).

2) From the corner

From the left corner, spin a pass, catch, shot fake, one-dribble pull-up middle (for a right-hander, catch left-right, ball on left hip, the pull-up footwork is R-L-R).

Repeat from the right corner (the footwork is R-L).

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