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Vance Walberg 5-spot

Vance Walberg

3 players with 2 balls at each basket, 4 minutes, make 10 from each spot (wing, corner, corner, wing, top) for an even score, if there is time left over, each extra make at the top is a positive. The next shooter may need to step left or right for a pass (open window).

FIBA Assist, issue 35

- use 4 players per basket if needed, still only 2 balls
- rank the groups from best to worst, to move up a basket, beat the team in front of you by 10 or more that day, or two days in a row
- overall team total should be above even
- for high-school teams, make 8 at each spot.

Nate Oats - 5-spot 4-minute shooting - make 10 shots from each spot for even, any makes after that are plus.

John Calipari - 4-minute shooting - 4 players with 2 balls, make 10 from 5 spots, the only shots that count are when they get back to the top.
Derek Kellogg - 5-minute shooting - 4 players with 2 balls, rebound your own shot, make 10 from 5 spots (rotate counter-clockwise), every make from the top after 50 is a plus.


- shoot from the top until the other team makes 50
 - two teams at a basket, each starts on a wing.

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