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50 in pairs



Teams of two players at all baskets, one ball. One player shoots and the other rebounds, then switch after 25 points. Shooting order: perimeter shot, one-dribble pull-up left, pull-up right, repeat. Score 3 for a 3-point shot, 2 points otherwise. First team to 50 points.


- each player must make the first perimeter shot to start play
- perimeter shot must be a 3-pointer.
(Variation - switch with partner after taking 3-6-9 shots)
Jack Bennett - Marquette - pairs shooting, two teams per basket, shooter with rebounder, a long shot is 2 points, a pull-up is 1 point, play to 30 or 40 points, the shooter and rebounder switch halfway through (at 15 or 20 points).
See Shooting - 32, Move, Moneyball, Bill Self partner, Tony Watson series (3-straight)

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