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Bill Self

a) 5-minute

Players are paired up with one ball per pair (option - three players), shoot 15-foot shots for 5 minutes. Each player will shoot, rebound (hopefully before the ball bounces) and make a good pass back to his partner, who backstops the ball on the catch and steps into his shot. Catch with a 1-2, right-handers catch left foot touching as the ball enters their hands and step with their right foot. Have a group at both baskets, each group should make between 170 shots (a bad day) and 210 shots (a great day).
See Shooting - Geneva Devils, 5star pairs spot.

Option - rotate spots.
Geno Auriemma - start with two players at each basket, rebound your shot (alternate shooters), first pair to make 10 shots at 5 baskets wins.
Bobby Knight - pairs shooting - two pairs at each basket, start at the elbows, the shooter rebounds and passes to partner, first pair to make 10 wins and decides on the next shooting spot (e.g., baseline), the other pairs sprint an up and back.

Augie Johnston - partner shooting, first player to make 8, shoot and follow, relocate, see Alternates.

See Shooting - Partner relocation.

b) Three-point shots

Each pair must have X combined makes, one player shoots and the other rebounds and passes until Y makes than switch (e.g., 40 total makes, change after 10).

Brenda Frese - two players at each basket, one player takes 10 shots, follows the last shot to rebound and pass to partner (10-15 foot passes), with three players use two balls, rebounder-passer-shooter.

(Variation - change the shooter after two misses in a row, or after one miss)

Mike Maker - 40 in 4 - one pair at each basket, make 40 combined shots in 4 minutes or sprint, start on one side of the floor, switch the shooter after 1 minute, then switch sides, some players shoot 3s.

Ross Johannsen - first shooter to make 10, switch rebounders and shooters.

Chris Oliver - Fours shooting (YouTube) - each player takes four shots (3, pull-up, 3, pull-up, usually opposite), rebounds their last shot. Can add decision training, e.g. pass if the rebounder's hands are up (pass off the dribble on a pull-up), get a return pass.

In general, change the shooter after

- each shot (shoot and follow)
- X takes, makes, or minutes
- X points (50 in pairs)
- a miss, or 2 or 3 misses in a row (Villanova 20, 2 miss and out, 3 and done)
- a miss or 3 makes in a row (Consecutive)
- 2 misses in a row or 3 makes in a row (10 drills)
- 2 or 3 makes in a row.

Also see Shooting - Beat the clock, Hubie Brown spot, 50, Eagle, 7-up.up

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