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Free throws

Two teams, one at each basket. Each player shoots two free throws then rotates. Which team can make the most consecutive free throws in a set period of time (2-4 minutes)? Re-set the team count to zero on a miss.

Option - run to touch the far baseline unless you make both.

See Free throws - 10 drills (streaks).

Don Meyer (coachesclipboard.ca) - 3 in a row - three players at each basket, one player shoots, one rebounds, one hands the ball to the shooter, the goal is to make 3 in a row as many times as possible in 5 minutes, change the shooter on a miss or after 3 in a row.


- individual competition
- 2 in a row for weaker players.

Mads Olesen - 3-in-3 - one player shoots for 3 minutes with one or two rebounders, each three in a row is one point, a) from the foul line, b) from behind the 3-point line.

Kevin Bellamy - 9 in a row - 2 (or 3) players at each basket, take two shots then switch, partner rebounds, first team to make 9 in a row, shout out the scores (re-set to zero on a miss), all losers do push-ups for the difference in scores.

Ray Lokar

a) Net score - each player shoots for a set time period (e.g. 5-10 minutes), subtract the most misses in a row from the most makes in a row for a net individual score.

b) Baskets in a row - shoot in pairs, the shooter and rebounder switch after every miss (if you are going for 10 in a row, tell coach after the 7th make, adding to the pressure).

Xavier - with partner, shoot until you miss and switch, keep track of makes in a row over time, and display the top 10 streaks in the gym.

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