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Free throws
10 drills

Stan Jones
FIBA Assist 28

10 drills to improve free-throw percentage.

Chuck Daly - use the free-throw line as an offensive weapon to increase scoring efficiency, foul trouble for the opponent, and make defensive transition less of a concern.

1) Individual drills

a) 100 in 7

Two balls, shooter, rebounder and passer at each basket, the shooter takes 100 shots (in about 7 minutes), using his normal routine for the first shot then with no dribbles after that, the passer holds a ball out on the shooting side. Keep track, e.g. go for personal best or team high score.

See Shooting - Olympic, Alternates.

b) 10 in a row

Use all available baskets, each player must make 10 in a row to finish practice, shoot until you make 10 (then you're done) or miss (rotate out until your next turn).

Option - after 10 in a row, let players continue shooting until they miss, record personal bests.

Rick Pitino - 8 for posts, 12 for perimeter players.

c) 3 or 2

Use available baskets (2-3 players are best), with rebounders in the lane spaces, shoot until you

- make 3 in a row
- miss 2 in a row
- miss the last shot the second time you have a chance to hit three in a row.

Unless you make 3 in a row, immediately do that day's physical conditioning exercise.

See Shooting - Streak, 2 miss and out.

d) Back-tip drill

With two offensive rebounders in place, the shooter works on having a missed shot come off in a certain area in the lane, then a rebounder taps the ball out to another area.

Option - add a player who moves to the back-tip area for a shot.

e) Jordan drill

After shooting regular free throws, chart makes with eyes completely shut.

See Free throws - Eyes open, eyes shut.

f) 1-on-1 competitive

Two players at each basket, shoot until you miss, options

- first player to X points (normally 50), or
- king of the hill, rotate baskets for a given length of time, the two players at the championship basket shoot for the right not to run that day when the clock runs down.
- most makes in a row
- daily pairs ladder e.g. 20 free throws each, rotate for next practice.

See Shooting - Villanova, King of the hill, Free throws - Lokar rotate baskets.

2) Team drills

a) 1-and-1's

Two teams, one at each basket, fill the lane spaces, a coach or manager is the referee who puts the ball in play, each player shoots a 1-and-1, rotate, the shooter immediately does the daily conditioner if he misses either shot. Shoot for time or a certain number of makes or makes in a row.

(Shoot two for FIBA rules)

b) 1-and-1's to 21

Two teams line up around the lane at a basket, alternate shooters, each player shoots a 1-and-1, first team to 21 wins, losers run.

(Shoot two for FIBA rules)

c) Streaks

Two teams, one at each basket, fill the lane lines,

- each player shoots two free throws, rotate left, non-shooters clap in unison the number of consecutive makes

- change ends, each player shoots one, rotate.

Shoot for time, the team with the most makes in a row wins, keep a record of the season high.

See Free throws - Consecutive.

d) 4-minute drills

Put different times (under 4 minutes) and scores on the scoreboard (and team fouls), work on fouling when behind and making free throws when leading.
See Scrimmage - Pistons scrimmages.up

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