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Pistons scrimmages

Herb Brown

- play up and down until one team scores, defend against a set offence and transition
- start at one basket (halfcourt set or inbounds), go up and back (three plays total), rotate teams, play to 7 baskets
- run out of bounds plays
- play a two-minute game, simulate score (e.g., stealing or fouling if behind)
- run plays after a made or missed free throw
- play 5 on 0 attack on one end to 5 on 5 on the other to 5 on 5 in transition after a stop or score.

Bruce Pearl - play 3-possession (halfcourt, up, back) or 5-possession basketball, a turnover does not count as a possession.
Mads Olesen - 3-possessions fast break - halfcourt attack to a stop or score, break up and back, change around, normal scoring, bonus point for scoring on the break.
Gregg Popovich - 3 ways - team A attacks team B halfcourt, coach calls a set and passes to the point guard, go up and back on changes of possession, you can then teach, start over with team B on offence, play to 10 points with 1 point for scoring and 1 point for a stop. You can run an inbounds play if the ball goes out of bounds under a goal.

Chris Oliver - 5 on 5 three trips - start with a wide pin-down then live, progression - 5 trips.

See Transition - Walberg Oregon State, Scrimmage - Stop and break, Spurs one way, Pressing - Free-throw break, Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 5 (start with rebounding, go up and back until a stoppage in play).

Ian MacKinnon - 5 on 0 upcourt (e.g., press offence), back against a set defence (e.g., 2-3 zone), switch teams on a stop or score, repeat.

goxavier.com - 4 on 0 motion upcourt (flarescreen and post touch before a shot), 4 on 4 coming back [could be three teams], work on set plays and inbounds plays as well, also 5 on 0 motion into 5 on 5.

Variation - 5 on 0 back to 5 on 4 or 5 on 3, see Fast break - Tennessee 5-man break on 3, DeMatha Bingo recognition.

Basketball PEI - No hands/hell - 5 on 5 halfcourt, the defensive team breaks out 5 on 0 on a stop then comes back 5 on 5. Defenders must have their hands behind their back for the first 14 seconds of each possession (with a 24 second shot clock), optionally also with no talking for 14 seconds.

Chris Oliver - 5 on 5 outlet to coach - halfcourt attack, on a stop or score outlet to coach, transition to the other basket, get organized, coach passes to the point guard in the frontcourt, call multiple sets. Option keep the ball if you score (make-it take-it), but go to the other end no matter what. It's all halfcourt reps but they keep going up and down.

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